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  1. I bought this case a few days ago, I love it, it's qiete enough on the lowest settings and still gives decent cooling, i will admit it collects dust like a hoover but it's no too hard to clean out all in all though i am very happy with my purchase and would certainly reccomend it especially at a good price.
  2. been using 623 with mine since it was released, no problems, might try tony's 704-2bta tonight just for fun 704-2bta will work on original SLI-DR yes?
  3. i too was wondering if there is a BIOS better suited for overclocking the Dual core opty's i am currently on 623 and can't even get 2.6 prime stable. so I too would be interested if anyone has any thoughts on this
  4. cheers Centy can you update my SIG now changes that need to be made are as follows, I will let you know if I manage squeeze any more outta it to update CPU - AMD Opteron 175 @ 2.574Ghz, (234*11 @ 1.536v) RAM - 2Gb GSkill HZ @ DDR468 3,4,4,8 Net - Belkin 54g Wireless LAN
  5. stepping is CCBWE 0541 RPMW, unfortunately this is known to be a sucky stepping averaging less that 2.6 anyway, it's only core 0 that is holding be back, makes me wanna pop the IHS off but that means i would have to strip the whole rig down to install a bolt on cooler and I really cannot be bothered, never mind will try and do some burn in to get the voltage down a bit and then try for 2.6 again
  6. well, looks like I have a rubbbish chip, Vcore set to 1.4 and 113% VID, Max stable clock speed for both cores is 2575, 234*11 1.536 Vcore temps hitting low 50's, i was hoping to get 2.6 outta it but nevermind, core 0 appears to be the weaker core, core 1 is prime stable @2.7 with 1.536 Vcore I might try a different BIOS to see if that makes any difference, although i doubt it will
  7. yeah i have recently aquired an Opty 175, CCBWE 0541 initial OC is not looking promising, i set it @ 2.6Ghz and fed it 1.55v and was not even prime stable for a few mins , not tweaked mem timings yet, currently running prime @ 2.54Ghz with 1.488 running through it, I dunno why but in the BIOS i have the Vcore set to 1.525v but it only gives the chip 1.488 according to all the monitoring apps i use including the BIOS, with my old san diego core in the BIOS setting and the actual Vcore were almost spot on what it was set to, but not so with this opty, any ideas guys
  8. Hi guys since I now have both the RDX200 CF-DR and the NF4 SLI-DR i was wondering if the Azalia HD Audio module from the RDX would work on my NF4 SLI-DR, has anyone actually tried this,i remeber a thread where HappyGames mentioned somthing simlar but i can't find it, thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hi guys, so is anyone still doing these custom sigs, if so I will need mine updated soon as I now have a Dual Core Opteron 175, i'm in the process of overclocking it, so have not found my final clock speed yet
  10. Hi Guys, the board arrived yesterday along with my Opty 175 so I swapped my ole 3700 sandy out for the opty 175 in my NF4 SLI-DR, and proceeded to setup the RDX200, installed the 3700, a gig of KVR RAM and a 6600GT, took the HDD out of the spare rig after running sysprep to prepare the OS for a Mobo swap and it booted fine, I have not checked what BIOS is installed and have not updated it yet, I have a mild OC out of it, FSB 220 2.4Ghz stock Vcore, seems stable but have not had time to do much testing yet since I'm back at work again
  11. OK got my opty 175 yesterday and went to post but the forums were down last night my chip code is CCBWE 0541, installed smoothly, I have not applied the dual core optimizer yet but all seems to be fine, bumped the FSB up to 211 and left Vcore at stock and left it to prime all night on both cores, fininshed 9 hours prime on both cores no errors, will do some more tonight
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