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  1. HOLY CRAP!! I figured out what the problem was, on the the end of the motherboard that goes up against the back of the case it was sitting to low, so the front end of the video card sits up too high when it is aligned with the case properly. So what I did: I took the motherboard out of the case, took out the 3 mounting screws on the back side of the by the expansion card area. Crimped part of the thread of those screws so I could get them tight but make them higher off of the case (i didn't have any washers). Put the motherboard back In and now it fits like a charm and doesn't stick into the chipset fan anymore. Frame rates _seem_ to be a lot better, I forgot to run benchmarks before and after but I tried out CS:S and it seemed to play a lot better. Thanks for your wisdom guys.
  2. Wow OK thanks guys... I guess I was so used to butt frame rates in CS this seemed a whole lot better. The wording in the manual had me thinking it only went 2x when there were 2 cards. I guess I will get a new case. Thanks again.
  3. I just put together this machine last week: A64 3000+ Venice DFI Lan Party UT Ultra - D MSI Radeon X800 non pro 2x512 PC3200 OCZ Enhanced Latency (2-3-2-6) WD 120GB ATA + WD 250 ATA (Both from my last PC which got fried) When I installed everything, I had problems getting the video card to line up with the case correctly, it seemed to be a flaw with the case because the motherboard is lined up with the slots but when you try to seat the video card in the 1st PCIe slot it won't go down all the way because the case hits the video card on the top of the metal dealy... you know the part that you typically screw in. Anyways, I got the video card to work in that slot but it was way tilted, so much tilted that it stuck into the chipset fan and prevented it from spinning. I tried the card in the 2nd PCIe slot and it fit a lot better (still not perfectly). The other PCI card I have in there fits fine. I didn't want to have to deal with a return because I really wanted to get to using this computer. So I have left the video card in the bottom slot. My question is: Is the lower slot crippled in any way when there is only one card present? The manual states that (on the non SLI boards) when two PCIe cards are present the bottom slot runs at 2x rather than 16x. Although things seem fine I just want to know for sure that the card is running at its maximum capacity. Thanks.
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