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  1. Ocz platinum rev.2 uses tcc5 [old ones TCCD] so it's not sure that they will be good overclockers like the old ones... If you like volts go for the VX If you dont i suggest to go for a higher rated memory... P.s You can identify TCC5 from TCCD if you look at the bottom right of your memory sticker.If it says v1.1 you'll get TCC5
  2. Hello everybody, First post here so please be gentle:D My system: DFI nForce4 SLi-DR bios 623-1 OCZ pc4800 platinum ltd edition [TCC5] A64 3200+ venice LBBLE 0517 BPEW Tagan TG480-U01 Cpu is tested with my previous system[k8ns-ultra/kingston value] up to 10x270 rock stable 1.36V Memory can do DDR600 so dividers etc is not an issue My target is to reach 10x270 for everyday use but i need some help with memory tweaking... Can anybody give me some tested settings for ocz [email protected] FSB? I've read many guides for DDR600 but i don't want to go that high[300FSB] Thanks,
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