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  1. I also have the problem of the 6800GT card actually sits on the chipset fan, i'm getting temps of around 50C at idle.
  2. all bios are at default (timings = auto?), the system works but i'm not too sure if it's really stable. It gets very slow and i have problems running BF2. Is there any good programs i could run that would show/tell me if my system is running ok? I'm pretty new at this, first computer build and i've done no overclocking before.
  3. I havn't come across any freezes or reboots yet with the 510-2, will run memtest now. I'll have a look at those timings which was suggested, cause although it appears to work for 2GB it does seem a little slow
  4. memtest seems to have frozen at 94% with both sticks in slots 2 and 4
  5. I've just finished(or not?) my first self-built system based on the DFI LanParty SLI-DR motherboard and am having issues with using Dual Channel Memory. I have an OCZ 2GB Dual Channel Platinum Kit (2x1GB), however when i run the sticks in slot 2 and 4 after windows loads, it shuts back down and restarts. I have tried using just one stick and everything seemed ok, i also tried using the other stick solo, no noticable problems. After searching these forums i've flashed my bios to 310 (or maybe it didn't work how can you tell?) Does anyone have any suggestions or have had this problem in the past with this board/memory combo?
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