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  1. I have an ultra-d and my dvd drive is connected through one ide and set as master yet windows detects it as a cd drive. What is the problem.
  2. sure: htt:266 cpu multiplyer: 9x ldt:3 cpu voltage 1.325 dram voltage: 2.6 ram timing: 2.5-3-3-8
  3. I have the same motherboard and cpu as you. The safe cpu temps are below 50 at load, PWM: below 70 at load (to be safe) however I have heard this can go higher from angry_games, CHIPSET: Below 70 at load. Just get a new heatsink for your cpu or get a more powerful fan for it. I would recommend the thermalright xp120 if you are getting a new heatsink.
  4. One thing you have to note about using the vantec iceberg 4 pro is that you need to have some kind of grinding device such as a dremel in order to make notches in the chipset cooler. The fan is so big that it goes over afew pieces on your motherboard and does not sit flat without some grinding down in 2 areas. For furthar information on where you have to grind check out the link in my previous post.
  5. My temps before the mod were high 40s when overclocked to 2.4, now they are only at 45 load on the chipset with the cpu overclocked to 2.6 with 1.6 voltage to it. You dont need to have that padding on the aftermarket vantec iceberg 4, I have heard that the only purpose for that padding is for the cooler not to tilt, but this doesn't seem to be a problem. My chipset fan is running at full speed which is around 5000 rpm or so and it still hitting 45. The temp in my room is around 23 degrees celcius which is 74 degrees farenheight. My case cooling is as follows 2x 120mm panaflo low fans (around 60cfm each) for intake and 2x 120mm silverstone speed adjustable fans (max cfm = 100 or so) as blowholes on the top of the case. Right now I have the silverstone fans at the lowest speed setting so i'm guessing I get maybe 20-30cfm maybe , not sure since they're on a fan controller.
  6. So does anyone have a solution to this video game restarting? Does this sound like a memory problem or a cpu problem
  7. No I have not tried another video card. What is strange is that I get the same problem on both of my machines. When playing games the system just reboots on both overclocked machines. Should I just lower the clock abit? There has to be a reason for this rebooting.
  8. I don't know about all of the games I play since I only play world of warcraft for extended periods of time.
  9. Turns out my ram can overclock higher than my CPU on my 3200 winchester. I was wondering should I set my cpu multiplyer to 9 and therefore be able to set my memory at 2.5-4-3-8 to 288 or to just go with the 10 multiplyer and have my ram running at 260
  10. yup i've tried the hot fix and it has not solved any problems.
  11. I dont think it's a video card problem because it's not overclocked at all. I really dont want to reinstall the OS. Something that I found interesting was that at first I was running with an overclock of 2.4 with 1.3 cpu voltage. I then slowly increased the voltage and the game would not longer freeze in the same area, however it then started to restart after several hours of gameplay. Does this sound like a cpu voltage issue?
  12. I am having the same problems. Is this more likely to be a memory issue or a CPU issue? The cpu is 24 hours prime stable and the memory is the same.
  13. The vcore on the cpu is 1.35. What do you mean by is it naked? The heatsink is making full contact with the CPU.
  14. How is it that a system can be prime95 stable and memtest86 stable and then still randomly reboot in a video game? On my bro's computer with the x2 3800+ it is 24 hour prime95 stable and memtest stable yet it still reboots in video games. Is there any solution to this?
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