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  1. @Sharp I did all you wrote. long beeeep! I definetely think, it's the board
  2. @Sharp, OK, I'll try it again with your suggestions. All 4 power connectors are plugged into the board. @ playah, Samsung SP1614N, 1st 8/2003, 2nd 8/2004. Hutil: Data uncorrectable.
  3. Hi, I'm very angry about this board :mad: . Tried two kind of RAM: Corsair twinx 3200, OCZ 40011024DCGE-K (posted here). Nothing worked in Dual channel. I tried different BIOS and many timings which kind guys of this board sent me, many more thanks for that. On 4th of July my first HDD died, on 8th of July my second without any warning, so I have to RMA them. :angel: Believe me, it's not the first computer I've builded together. But I never experienced sth. like that. I'll RMA that board, but dont think I'll use it again. Maybe soon you can buy it in ebay.
  4. I tested both RAMS last night and they were ok (0 errors). When I clear cmos, I do it as follows: I plug off the power cable and then I switch the clear cmos jumper to 2-3, wait about 5 minutes, reswitch cmos jumper to 1-2, plug in the power cable, start the machine. I think that's correct, isn't it? Must I clear the cmos everytime after changing the settings or the slots? I have to do the RAMS in orange slots?
  5. thanks for your help, but none of your settings work. Same as the former corsair. Only a long beep at slot 1,3 or slot 2,4. Maybe I've got a bad MB? Cables? Any Suggestions?
  6. Hi, Yesterday I bought that OCZ 2x512 OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K hoping they'll work with my Setup. But they don't. When I try to set them up in Dual Channel (Both orange slots) I'm only hearing a long beeeep! In Slot 1 and 2 everything works fine, but only in single channel mode. Anybody here can tell me, what BIOS and Settings I have to use?
  7. OK, I've got the new one OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K. BIOS and settings?
  8. I can get the following: OCZ4001024ELDCGE, Gold EL. Is that ok?
  9. beeeeeep!!! :angel: Ok, thanks for your patience and help. I think, I'll change the RAM. Can you tell me, which are the best working with my setup?
  10. Oh...one more thing....ram 2X512? yes! I'm a little bit despaired. Nothing works. Only the damned long beeeeep! :confused:
  11. I did everything you wrote. RAMS are ok, but MB doesn't boot in dual channel.
  12. Hi, This MB doesn't boot, putting the RAM into slots 1-3 or 2-4. It hangs when initializing the RAM with a long Beep. Putting the RAM in slot 1-2, everything works fine. I tried different BIOS (3.10, 3.16, 5.10, 6.23). Checking the RAM with Memtest there are no errors (18 Passes!). Everybody here can tell me what's going wrong? Please excuse my bad English!
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