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  1. when i joined i had: Athlon 2400XP Geforce 4 Ti 4600 i think 1 gb mushkin sound blaster gamer and some POS via board that was soon replaced.
  2. They mail anything for free or do you have to order that?
  3. This is sad indeed. I dont post here very often, but I remember this guy from year back. Was always very helpful. Huge loss to the community. Prayers and best wishes to his family.
  4. im in the same boat as you, but id do remember you =)
  5. hmmm yea a 5850 is essentially 2 5770s anyway...
  6. hah I just play to keep up with my friends and such, but I doubt ill be able to raid in grad school, with mostly night classes
  7. awesome thanks, its been awhile since ive posted here, but im looking to get into a less time consuming hobby when i go to grad school this spring.
  8. I plan on building a new machine soon, Phenom II 955 on MSI 790 GD&0, I plan on having 2 5770's. Currently I have a Corsair 620w. Is this enough? I plan on doing a little overclocking of the proc but not too much.
  9. I got it going, after a long night and a 3am run to walmart to get a external dvd drive it works. Odd though, first you choose OSX in the bootini boot menu like normal...then it boots to the Darwin boot loader where if have to choose it again.
  10. going against the grain here, i have heard of a method that involved timing the . during certain periods of your girls cycle, however thats not very romantic or fun at all.. both the pill and condoms are cheap, dont be a scrub. Edit about age: legal age is basically 15 in all states to have . with someone under the age of 18, theres a few exceptions. Most people here i imagine are 15 or older, hell im pretty sure KB is over the age =D
  11. Personal experience says you dont want a chick into all the same stuff you are. Gatta have some me time, dont need chicks invading my computer, kinda like how chicks used to be not allowed in the garage..guy zone. Also dont ever date a chick if you both play WoW...terrible..terrible..circumstances every time =D
  12. Today I just ordered my MSI wind from newegg http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834152093 with a gig of ram and a 16gb flash drive, I have a copy of the MSIWindosx86.iso and a friend with a fully updated intel mac for osx86tools. But if i wanted to dual boot the mac osx and windows xp, could i just do that with the now osx version of boot camp?
  13. Hard you still spam the forums at like 2 in the morning every night to up your post count =p ?
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