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  1. Here's my Sig. Waiting for a recommendation! Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! I've build a new rig with 4x512 Corsair XMS3200XL but I'm not happy because I can't run it at 1T and I get stuck overclocking my 3200+ Venice at FSB 230 Bios Version is 623-3 for TCCD (SLI-DR by the way :-) ) So I'm thinking about getting to 2Gb DDR2 GEIL, can you recommend any? I don't have experience with DDR2 so I don't know what to get. But GEIL seams cheaper than OCZ. Are they OK too or is OCZ better. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey just wanted your oppinion on this, [email protected] 36Idle 54Load 1,6V XMS3200XL @250 = 500 Timings 3-3-3-7 Is that the correct way to do it???
  4. Hello, I've got Corasir XMS3200XL RAM and I think it's TCCD??? So which BIOS is best for TCCD??? Right now I've got 510-2 but I keep getting IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Bluescreens from time to time!!! Thanks for your help! Running: Athlon 64 [email protected] "Venice" FSB240 Multi 10x LTD/FSB Ratio 3x 4+512 Corsair XMS3200XL 2-3-2-5 @400 Geforce 6800 Ultra @425/1200 DFI SLI-DR
  5. Hello, just tried to OC my 3200+ Venice the first time and got it runnig @2400 now. Settings are the following: FSB: 240 LTD/FSB: 3x Multiplier: 10x CPU VID 1,3 * 123% Running stable so far but can I push it some more? I'm keeping my RAM at stock speed with the divider. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  6. Hello! I tried oc'ing my 3200+ Venice today but i can't get past an FSBof 220 which is a 3500+ with a 10x multi. I'm running my Corsair XMS3200XL at 400 effective (333 at Bios) The LTD/FSB is set to 3x giving me a HTT of 1320 is that correct??? I crancked the CPU Voltage to 1.44! I would like to get my system to run at 240FSB but everytime i try it stops as soon as I start torture test in Prime. My System specs are as follows: 3200+ Venice SLI-DR NF4 XFX 6800 Ultra XMS 3200XL Corsair What can I do to be succesful??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  7. Not overclocked at all!!! But i'd like to! How do i start???
  8. That would be nice, wouldn't have a clue where to look for that!!!
  9. Voltage is at 2.8 right now! Can i cranck that up a bit more without blowing my memory???
  10. PSU is Sharkoon Silent Storm 535W especially for SLI!!! ENOUGH POWER!!!
  11. Hello everybody! Right now im using 510-2 but occasionally i get "irq_not_less_or_equal bluescreen" Will that be fixed by using a differemt BIOS??? My System Specs are: DFI SLI-DR A64 3200+ Venice Corsair XMS 3200XL 4x512 @2-2-2-5 DDR400 XFX 6800 ULTRA Arctic Cooling Silencer Thanks for your help!!!
  12. Will my 4 Rams work properly when i set it to 400??? Gues my Power Supply is not sufficient. It says 380W!!! Just ordered a new one: Sharkoon SilentStorm 532W 12V 34A. Is that good enough???
  13. Just got my new Mobo yesterday and I am so far pretty happy but there have been some problems I haven't been able to figure out yet. My 4 RAM's Corsair XMS3200XL 512MB each are only recognized as DDR333. I can change it manually to 400 but when I only use 2 of them it's suddenly recognized as DDR400??? I've updated to the newest official BIOS 310. Is that sufficient or do you recommend a different BIOS??? In Windows it says that the Geforce 6 doesn't get enough power and is therefore downregulated? Is that due to my weak Power Supply??? Thanks for your help!!! AMD64+ 3200 Venice 2048 RAM Corsair XMS3200XL Geforce 6800 Ultra 2x200GB Samsung SPC2004 Nec3540A DVD-R
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