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  1. Need settings for NF4 Ultra D for this program - thanks. Also any other more up todate monitor programs for voltage/temp etc??
  2. Do you guys have a source as to what settings to use for MBM on the NF3/4 boards. Thanks. Also what is the stock voltage for the 4000 San Diego??
  3. Flashed to 510 bios and followed OCZ advise - FAB no BSOD and running great - this is GOLD on my NF4 Ultra Now to work on this silly NF3 Ultra board.
  4. Thanks for the info. Where is the 618-2 bios?? I will try this tomorrow.
  5. Set to 2-2-2-5 - BSOD Back to Corsair fine! STOP IRQ less or equal PNF_LIST Corrupt How can just changing ram do this? What is a PNF+LIST?? If its corrupt then why going back to Corsair ram everything ok with Windows?? Do I have to re-install windows to accept this OCZ Ram??? Thanks
  6. Bought this ram and replaced Corsair 2-2-2-6 LL Ram. Now Win 2000 won't boot. Ram dump and something about PNF? The Corsair was at 2-3-2-6-12 with 1T timing with Bios set on Auto The OVCZ is 2.5-3-2-7 with 1T timing set on Auto. By the way where is the Bios setting for CPC 1/2T ??? Doesn't seem to exist? I bought this ram at this boards suggestion. This is for my NF4 Ultra NOT NF3 listed below. This gaming machine has the new stepping 03 4000 AMD64 chip. Runs Win 2000. ATI X800XL VC. Whats with it booting up at 2.5 if this . is so fast (BH5)?? When set to auto is that the same as spd?? Thanks.
  7. I don't understand what the auto setting for Ram does - sets per SPD? If one doesn't set manually what does the board do?? My fancy 2-2-2-5/6 ram won't boot but the Value stuff does and shows 2.5-3-3-8 If I manually set it to 2.5-3-3 then the fancy stuff will work?? As I understand nothing works at 1T at all?? By the way I don't overclock.
  8. New to this - meant to post this above under New DFI Lanparty S939 NF3 Ultra D My system includes this MB - Tried Corair and Mushkin Ram - wont boot using Corsair value which works. Also 3500 Venice with ATI 9800 Christ just figuring out which slots to use for Dual was a challenge as the tiny booklet was wrong - must have taken a while to proof read. Does one need to install Nvidia IDE drivers as they all cause BSOD. Took three days to get Ethernet to work - drivers on included disc??
  9. I have read every post and was amazed that I appear to be the only person to find that the Nvidia drivers that came with the board cause problems with Lan - CD and just in general cause BSOD - after many fresh installs the 5.10 drivers seem to work. The only difference I can tell is that GART 3.77 on disc and GART 4.36 with the 5.10's. ALSO the Nvidia SW drivers appear to destroy winXP2. Like everyone else I find my expensive RAM doesn't work but the cheap stuff does. Sorry I ever bought this board. Appears everyone else is indifferent to what Nvidia drivers they use?? Thanks.
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