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  1. Exactly...thats why I was asking... so no problems with it missing then?
  2. Hello Well i was cleaning up my case inside and I unplugged the 12v rail and notice it was missing a wire...I didnt find it loose so thats how it came, is this a manufacturing error or is it supposed to be like that? Fortron PSU 500watts heres the pics
  3. just checked....they are in the normal range, i ran prime 95 and 3dmark 01 at the same time to ensure it was under load..... like ive said, ive seen it happen when the computer is in idle..... but it rarely happens, first time i saw it do that i thought it was just my imagination, then i look again and its doing that...i stared at the thing like for a frickin hour when prime95 was running and nothing happened, then yesterday morning i saw it do it again.... like i said its very rare when it does it... I dont know if i should be concerned anymore, the only problems ive read regarding the power led is when the led is turning on and off...this one doesnt turn on and off, it just changes brightness... so i dont know...i dont feel like changing the PSU and checking if the led flickers, like i said, its so rare when it happens that i would need to stare at it for 24 hours....
  4. mmm well its the optimized defaults....defaults....I just have kool n quiet disabled...
  5. dvm? is that like a voltage meter? ive got one.....should i put it on any molex?
  6. ummm i think im running the TMODs 704bta bios or w/e...but i flashed using the cd, not winflash... odd thing is it apparently only happens when the computer is idle...
  7. well i havent noticed any other symptons... voltages are fine and all... ive seen it like twice now, the computer is idle...
  8. Hey, Well normally I dont look at the leds on the front of my case but today i turned my head down and noticed that the power led was normal, then it when bright...did that a few times like flashing but then it stayed like always... Should I be concerned? I dont think its a power issue since ive primed my pc for hours and havent seen it happen..... I already checked the connections and they are fine... any thoughts?
  9. well i ran about 12 hours of prime, 2 instances, one for each core, then i left 3dmark 06 looping all night too...
  10. Hello, is there a way to do this? i dont think it would be stable if i run prime95 and 3dmark at the same time... so any recommendation? thanks
  11. roger that... about the memory, what do you think? should it work?
  12. should I be concerned about my memory being "recommended" for just DFI and MSI boards? btw I have this options http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813128301 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813127207 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813130527 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131524
  13. I dont know if nvidia does it, but I find the x1900xts feature to encode video very useful...I encode videos for my ipod very fast... Other than that Ive never used nvidia since the FX series, prolly left me so dissapointed it never made me buy another nvidia card again lol
  14. Hello, Well right now im just desperate...I cant seem to get rid of my problems and I upgraded/changed everything in my computer.....EXCEPT the motherboard which I already have for over a year.... So what Im asking for is, can someone tell me of a good motherboard thats not from DFI and in the 100-150 dollar price range? I read somewhere, someone described DFI mobos as "not plug and play mobos", mobos designed for enthusiasts to tweak the living hell out of the computer...However im not that kind of person, I barely have free time for games, I wanna spend it playing them not tweaking them..... Anyways, any advice would be appreciated....Asus, A-bit, MSI whatever, just as its a quality board.... And im not saying DFI boards arent quality boards...maybe they are "too much quality" boards for the avarage gamer.... Thats all, Thanks
  15. Hello, I got this ram and I would like to OC it, Ive been running prime on default timings for about 16 hours now and no errors...ran about 5 hours of memtest too... What settings should I start with? I understand they OC well... Ive been reading guides and settings from other users but I dont know where to start... Thanks
  16. Thanks for taking the time of putting those links suspekt, ill look into them
  17. Godamn it i think im about to cry..... I uninstalled the drivers and took sound card off and it "stuttered" the first few seconds, after that, not even with my crazy heli stunts it stuttered...... Oh god why....last time it was the fricking audigy 2ZS, now this.....godamn it.... But why? It didnt happen before and I had the card since december....just after the upgrades problems started :S Back to integrated audio I guess
  18. Just tried that...also swapped pcie slots... Should I try swapping the video card to the other pcie slot?
  19. True, after I got a G15 I just had 2 keyboards lol...
  20. Easiest way I found: buy some USB to PS2 adapters and connect your mouse and keyboard to PS2... They are very cheap at radio shack
  21. thanks for your help, but i already tried that...check out my other post...
  22. Ctrl alt del for task manager, go to the processes tab and right click the one of your program, then choose affinity and select both cores
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