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  1. You are not cutting the case, you're cutting the fan, fans are dimea dozen they are very cheap, if you mess it up you can always replace it, and you won't hurt it by shaving it a little to make room. Don't worry go for it.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but does any one knows if the new X2 can support two more sticks of 512's without any any or lots of performance penalty, and how much penalty are we looking at here. I heard changing T1 to T2 can run them at 400Mz , what's the difference in performance (bandwith) approximatly between T1 and T2. Thanks
  3. thank you guys I flshed to 623 and voila sisoft now : 5608 5555
  4. PCmark score 800 3dmark crashes on second test
  5. I thought this could be the case but I ran Ada32 with the same low results plus see here sandra tested on the 4400+ http://www.pcper.com/article.php?aid=141&type=expert&pid=5
  6. well I know it's not the memory cause I have a pair of corsairs and the benchmarks where the same very low in the 1500's , I'm afraid it could be a bad CPU since the memory contrlooer is built into the CPU what's strange is that the benchmarks varies dramatically , I get 1500 in one run and 3000 in another anyone can help on this please thanks
  7. OK I layed the case down , and I placed a fan blowing from the side of the motherboard towards the chipset , so I was able to bring donw the temp to from 51C to 39C and I ran sandra again and I get this : int 2947 float 3182 does that make sense to anyone here? note ram still at all auto settings
  8. So I just finished my built , installed XP and some antivirus software and sisoft and aida. I ran memory benchmark on sisoft snadra and the bandwith is extremly low int 1374 float 1450 I ran memtest all night last night with no errors, with timings that Ryder recommended, after first sandra this evening I thought maybe somehting is wrong with my settings I reset everything in bios to auto and I get the same low results < is it something in my windows? oh and that chipset is really hot it's always at 50C in mbm5 any ideas guys?
  9. Sorry but for some reason my sig is not working
  10. how do you get your chipset to run that cold, I just built a new built similar to yours , and mine reads 50C on idle in bios, I havent's installed XP yet as I'm still waiting on the dvd drive.
  11. Ryder I just wanna thank you very much for taking interest in my post, and following thru even though the subject switched from floppy to ram, you've been very helpfull, I am now running memtest at your last post timing I had to go up to 3.0v after errors at 2.9 on first pass, it's looking good so far. I will be updating you once OS is installed and do more game and bench testing thanks again man
  12. I am not planning to OC right now , I like to get familiar with my hardware behavior before I rock the boat, I am new to DFI as well as OCZ my current system is an asus+ corsair . So I now would like it to run everything at stock , like I said until I get to her better however I would like the memory to run at tight timing with stock 400mhz any suggestions? or should I just stick with your last update?
  13. Ryder I changed the bios according to your settings, everything is fine just a couple of concerns: 1- CPU voltage is now showing 1.46V (is this too high?) what is the default voltage for the 4400+ 2-the above came along with a bout 4C gigher temp on cpu I'm now getting 38C idle note I'm using TR XP-90 heatsink and I had around 34C idle when I fired up yesterday 3- also chipset is a little two high it's running at 51C idle thanks again
  14. problem solved I just changed the bios to "load optimized settings" and bam, I bought this mobo from monarch as a mobo/cpu combo apparently they had changed something in bios. I will however follow your settings for bios after this thanks very much , I'm now running memtest to ensure all hardwares are fine. thanks for your reply Ryder
  15. yes all power connectors are connected, ram settings is at default haven't played with that yet 400MHZ and I think 2.5-3-3-8
  16. Ok so I almost finished my new system still waiting on the dvd drive so I can't obviously install OS until then , but while I'm waiting I thought I would run some memtest. I can boot , get into bios , save and exit no problem, but it seems like it's skipping the floppy. what happens is, she boots post info no problem the goes into the raid press F10 , then the next screen comes up the one with a bunch of info where normally at the buttom it should say "verifying DMA" but that is missing, then it hangs there for a few second and reboot again. I tried different diskettes: memtest86 (tested on other machine and works fine bootdisk tested on other machine as well. I tried different floppy connector I tried "boot up floppy seek" and it does make noise at that stage when booting. and in all cases it doesn't seem to look for the floppy, pass the 3 post screens. Specs: pc power &cooling 850 ssi DFI lanparty UT sli-dr X2 4400 2x512 OCZ pc4000gold VX floppy mitsumi 8 in 1 (card reader) 2x WD raptor 74gb 2x Evga 7800gtx (SLI switched on) waiting on DVD rom I searched the whole forum and nothing, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I'm just finishing building a new system : http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=92397 specs(relevant to question): Lanparty UT SLI-dr X2 4400+ OCZ 4000 gold VX PC P&C 850 power supply Now the question is that the OCZ is rated as follows: CL 2-3-3-8 at 2.6V(400MHz) CL 2-2-2-8 at 3.3V(500MHz) my question is this : I have heard that people are having problems with PC P&C (the 850W in particular)when changing the dimm voltage jumper to the 4V, with power supply shutting down due to voltage over protection, so I wanna try to avoid that. Can I run those OCZ's at a lower timing then 2-3-3-8 say 2-2-2-8 @400Mhz without the need to up the voltage so much, keeping the jumper at default? thanks
  18. Here is what I'm building right now, most of the internal parts will arrive tomorrow from monarch: http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?...97&page=1&pp=20
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