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  1. I had a strange experience and I thought I would like to share it with my fellow DFI-ers here, and maybe the uber techs can elaborate on it


    I had some problems last night while tweaking the memory , the computer froze on startup and stopped responding, it would go to the first screen displays one or two lines up to CPU info and freezes.


    So I thought oops OK let me reset CMOS. I always thought the procedure was, disconnect power , remove battery, change jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 ,wait a few seconds, change jumpers back , place battery back, power up , right??


    Well system would not power up after many attempt, I tried waiting longer as suggested here in some posts.


    Now here is the kicker, I read somewhere about USB devices causing problems , so I disconnected USB devices, and I tried to power up, but I realized that I had forgotten to place the battery back and change the jumper back, I was like oh shiit now I'm gonna do some damage , however the computer started back up no problem, even booted into windows so I shut it down placed evertyhing back including USB devices and I was fine, until the next crash of course :) I guess I didn't learn my lesson.


    But on the next crash I didn't even bother removing USB devices, and again it wouldn't boot with the normal CMOS clear procedure, but I was able everytime to boot it with jumper in 2-3 and battery off.


    Now I dunno if battery off had any significance or the jumper been in 2-3 I didn't wanna test either.


    Am I missing something here? is this the way you're supposed to reset CMOS on DFI boards ??? or did I just discover a faster way then waiting all night as some suggest here?


    Well wahtever it is , it worked like a charm.


    AG, Rgone what's your thoughts on this???



  2. Hmm I think I figured out the confusion, looks like pro707 has read the post (posted in his sig) and did the opposite mod because of this photo posted there:





    And I don't think he realizes that so he' referring to the mod here, however that wasn't the idea of the original modder, as he clearly stated that he used the the IBF4 fan on the stock heat sink.


    Well I dunno I'm really confused now :confused:

  3. xguy ::I don't know where you got the idea about using the stock hs and the Iceburg fan. That would be an impossibility, the fan sits down inside the hs. The hs is round and has a hole in the top of the metal formed to be a hs. The fan screws down into this hs with 3 small screws. It would be impossible to attach the iceburg fan to the OE hs.


    I am using Shin-Etsu and the temps are 33 low and 39 full load. Best stuff that can be had. BAR NONE.


    Hmm, if you have read my post carefully you would have known that I was referring to his mod posted in his SIG, well I'll be more clear :

    go here:




    Now browse down to post #17


    Quote:"Yes I mounted the IB4 fan to the 'stock' heatsink,,,,,then mount the stock heatsink and IB4 fan to your board...


    you got it....I have faith in you....lol"


    Yes I'm confused too cause over at this thread he states other wise, well I think he is confused as well :nod:

  4. No issues for me. Fits perfectly. Have more clearance than I did with the stock cooler and ring.

    I am a little confuse here, you say in this thread the the iceberq fits fine under you vga card yet , in you ather thread you say that you didn't not use the iceberq , you used the stock heatsink with the iceberq fan. am I reading either post incorrectly?

    I'm lost lead me please

  5. Hey Chief, you would'nt see $100 worth of extra performance. Just go for the OCZ 2x1GB Platinum PC3200, I know it can go to 230Mhz on the FSB with 2-3-2-5. Guy called Ryder on these forums works for OCZ and gave me good BIOS settings for this mem. Give a go, you know you want to!!! ;)

    Can you please forward those memory settings to me via PM , I don't wanna bother Ryder anymore as he already helped me a lot before I upgraded to the 2G (2x1G) setup, I have a very identical system to yours. The best I'm getting now is 220x11 and I have to relax the timing for it to run stable, I would like to run it again at 2-3-2-5.



  6. high voltage memory like UTT/BH-5 is better in yellow slots


    TCCD and other low voltage memory is better in orange slots




    that is the theory anyway


    i use yellow slots for everything, regardless of what memory it is


    AG, do you what the OCZ (2x1GB) platinum are, should they be in orange or yellow slots?

  7. So I will be able to install windows etc on one core before I flash to the newer BIOS?


    Yes you will be able to install windows , and yes you will be using both cores , however you will have performance problem until you flash, I installed all my system and drivers , I then realized when I was running benchmarks that my performance was so low speciallly my memory bandwidth, and thanks for the folks here they led me to flash my bios , then the system was flying after that.

  8. I agree with everyone here, about the design flaw, I have two 7800GTX's sitting in top of that chipset and it seems impossible to cool it down, I've tried setting fans blowing at it from many direction, it's just seems too jamed in there behind those big heat producing monsters and it's impossible to cool it. It's even impossible to mod a good heat sink fot it, nothing will fit there no clearance what so ever.

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