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  1. Just took the plunge today , and ordered the expert from monarch, anything I need to know or prepare before transfering everything I have in my sig to the new mobo? Please see my sig for current specs, planning to mildley OC same as in sig any suggestion is greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. I have been waiting for this board to come out mainly because of the PCI-E spacing as my two GFX's are getting really hot too close to eachother, and don't allow after market cooling. One question though do we have to reinstall windows , switching from SLI-DR to the expert? thanks
  3. Get the 1200, much more room to play with inside , and you can always make your own window
  4. That is normal temp if you pushed your X2 that much I have the same setup, and I had to settle for 250 X10 (2500Mhz) to keep my temps in decent level, at 260x10 my temps started to rise to above 60C during dual prime, and would error as well . I found my sweet spot at 250X10 and that's what I'm staying at.
  5. those temps are fine as far as memory I think you will have major problem running two different stick, people are having problmes with paired sticks nevertheless having two differnt types. hopefully some of the more experts can elaborate on that.
  6. Just go into the bios, under genie bios , all the way at the bottom enable memtest86, reboot and it will run memtest, when you're done , hit Esc it will reboot, enter bios again and disable it.
  7. I think your MBM5 readings are closer to logic, there is no way your PWMIC is 29C, when your CPU is 47C
  8. Sounds like a ram issue to me, it happens to me when I'm playing with ram timing, it boots but then it won't go into windows just reboots again, so I have to go into bios and relax the ram. when you tried to installed windows seems to be corrupted, and I think that's a sign of ram errors, I would run memtest make sure your ram is fine. try one stick at a time maybe? good luck
  9. post system specs please. Soemone is gonna ask you to have that in your sig (forum rules), it helps people helping you.
  10. I have even installed XP before I realized that performance was degraded due to the bios, http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15727 I then flashed to 6-23 and I've been fine every since, BTW XP saw the 2 cores no problems with the old bios, the only thing was that performance was low in benchmarks.
  11. No problems here what so ever: Revision SH9-E6 games I play: HL2 FarCry Enemy Territory (online)<---- intensly And tested FEAR demo AMD driver installed CnQ disabled I'm Oced a little at the time, but I ran at stock for a couple of months (until I learned how to deal with DFI lol) and no problems at stock either. Peace
  12. I have the same case like your however I have the plus version , which comes with the blower , so what I did I attached a zalman fan I had laying around to the blower , this way it circulates air around graphic cards and chipset (zalman blow/blower sucks out of the case) , and I get very decent temps, I manged to bring both my graphic cards down to 47C idle and 72-80C load (farcy seems to produce the most heat) chipset idles around 45C and never seen over 52C. I know it's not the coolest environment but I can live with that. see pic below to see the fan setup: If your case did not come with this blower it is available for purchase seperatly it helps a lot. good luck
  13. do yourself a favor and listen to me, try to compare your single and SLI in a different benchmark, try aquamark3 and see if you see performance improvment from single to SLI.
  14. core slow down treshold is 115C and no sir I wasn't even near those temps, it is 3dmark and there was a post about on the nvforum as well, my cards would not exceed 75C when running 3dmark. The reason I know it is 3dmark and not gpu cause aquamark is very happy with those settings and I went beyond 95K score. I am 100% sure it is 3dmark.
  15. you can try this at your own risk, it's weird but it works for me everytime, happened to me while ocing as well: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22074
  16. if you wanna OC to 2500 and above I recommand the ram in my sig, they're the sweetest things I've dealt with , they run at very low voltage you can take them up to 260mhz easily, my culprit was the CPU not the ram, I can run @2600 on air no problme but prime95 would error, therefore I would'nt call it stable, even though I can run dual superPI and OCCT no problem at those speed and I can play games for hours, with no crashing , but I think peace of mind is wrth 100Mhz set back, so I'm happy with 3500Mhz 100% stable and very cool 30C idle and 49C load (running dual prime). here's the ram I'm talking about: http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...=Unbuffered_OCZ
  17. Yes it is weird he's showing 773mghz I just downloaded and tested and it's showing my processor at full speed, my guess is he's using collNquiet without knowing it, why don't you check your power profile and make sure it's set to "home/office desk" and not minmal power mangment. just a thought
  18. I had some interesting experience with 3dmark05, when I OC my graphic crds the scre will drop drastically , then I tested with different OC increments, and found that 3dM05 likes certain spot and dislike others , like if I go up to 480MHZ on gpu it likes that and I get higher score, then I go to 485mhz and it drops like 1000 to 2000 points, strange behavior of 3dmark, so I stopped worrying about it. try to downclock your cards to 450/1200 I know you the oc version, and see if 3dmark gives you around 10500, then this should be about right. And then you would know it's the 3dmark bug and not your system.
  19. I dunno about OCCT and XP64, but I know you can run 2 instances of superPI, but you have to create two different directories for superPI files, and launch them from their directories accordingly, then before you hit the calculate buttons, set the affinity using windows task manager, set one of them to CPU0 and the other to CPU1. you will aslo see that your temp will go much higher that way on air. Also you should test with prime95 running two instances as well, from my experience @2600MHZ I passed OCCT and superPI(2 inst) with flying colors, but prime95 would fail unless I pushed the voltage too high, which resluted to temps nearing and trying to pass 60C, forget it I'm not ready to fry my cpu, and that's why I settled with 250X10 @2500MHZ stable in all tests at sweet low voltage (see my sig) running nice and cool 30C idle and 49C full load with 2 primes running.
  20. I had the same problem happened to me, and when I reset cmos , nothing happens at all, I get to one light and it freezes at first screen showing cpu info and ram info, and I can't even turn it off with button I had to switch PSU off. If that's the smae thing happening to you do this, but do it at your own risk, I've done it many times and it works usually this happens to me when I'm messing around with ram timing. shot system off disconnect power supply and wait for the led light to go off. take out battery switch the cmos jumper to 2-3 position with battery off and jumper in 2-3 position start the system it will start up and even load the window that way, but you can enter bios and set default settings, save and exit then you can power down your system, put your battery back on and switch the jumper back to normal. Hope that works for you, it works for me every single time. I actually made a post about it asking how come this works but I got no feed back from the guru's here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22074 Good luck
  21. http://svc.com/lit-155-24.html I have them too, the problem is though , that the leds on the front controller are a bit too bright they lights up the wall in front of it.
  22. very nice , I see you decided not to use the blower that came with the case, I had to use mine as I have SLI and they generate lots of heat, I also attached a fan to it so air will circulate (fan blowing on cards/blower suck the hot air out) see pic below
  23. Well first I would test the ram seperatly at that speed , to eliminate the ram factor, second maybe your processor is not ocing well, clock it down and test again, or you may need more voltage but then that's gonna run too hot on air. I ran into the same problems ocing my 4400+ at 2600mhz evertyhing runs fine except prime95 sometimes gives me errors sometimes it doesn't I had to up the voltage way high to run it stables, so I decided to clock it down to 250x10 which run stable and cool on my XP-90. What I mean by stable is running two instances of prime95 for hours, two instances of superPI and OCCT. prime95 is your ultimate test cause @2600mhz I had no problem with OCCT or superPI yet prime95 would error after an hour or so. So if you're not passing OCCT, my guess is you won't pass prime95 for sure, and you want to do that before you determine that your PC is stable. In other words you need to find your sweet spot, whether you up your voltage or clock down a little, it took me two months to do so, just keep trying till you get stable. Happy OC
  24. He wants to use the stand alone version, I like to use it too, as I hate ging into bios everytime to turn it off and on here: http://www.memtest.org/download/1.60/memte...1.60.floppy.zip this is the floppy build version
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