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  1. OK, OK, I will be the polite jerk and say it. This board is manufactured to meat all specifications to run at 200 FSB, Any thing more is up to you buddy.
  2. AGP is dead. Why because the powers that be made it so. Was it slower no was it more expensive yes. Why more pins, bigger socket. Play back the old timmers here remember VESA 64. The original VESA was 32 and kick but until AGP came along. Well VESA kick it up several levels to VESA 64 which kicked AGPs BUTttt. But it took 3 connectors compared to the 1 of the PCI. Hence more money. YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT.......
  3. In for a penny, in for a pound hum. You get what you make and nothing more
  4. :drool: LiSTEN to a fool. Chip Specs are written in gold. I do not have the time or passions to look it up but I believe the PWMIC is rated for 70 celius or abve. No magic, no mirrors, below 70 is just fine. DO NOT forget when some one builds some thing they quote the worst case specs to gain favor :drool: Think about it
  5. WHY? Any app or game you run accesses your ALU or FPU at best 30 to 40 % of the time... Prime runs your FPU 100 % os the time... END OF LINE<
  6. Any good paste is fine ... From the worst to the best spreads 5 degress celsius. For get burn in off past or any such thing, So the bottumm line is safety to your electronics. So Ceramique is the best for longevity and safety to components (shorting it out) Jess lisen guys and gals a degree or two means squat. For that matter a MHZ or two means Squat. For get your friend or neighbor and just do the best you can. Addictions are deadly to your wallet and health. Oh sorry unless it is your only hobby and you have money
  7. PRIME sucks If your system is stable for what you use it for then for get prime. Unless you use your PC to figure out the meaning of life prime sucks.... My last 3 systems could never run prime in their O/ced states. Yet they have been as solid as life. Again if it runs your game fine and apps fine then screw prime. Uh
  8. You will not be O/Cing mem but you will be O/Cing CPU. Make sure you use default mem timingings. When you first boot you should see 3,4,3,8 as timings. You will have to go into BIOS and increase voltage on CPU most likely to run at 250 FSB. VDIMM mem voltage should be around 2.75V
  9. I think WinXP 64 is more stable. It diffinately handles larger memories (2GB and beyond) better do to its new memory management module. Hopefully when Vista 64 comes out. The software will run on WinXP 64.
  10. Agreed VC-RE. Easy to install. No mod required.
  11. I guess I am just a fireman. I put im out as I see em.
  12. Captain Morgan & coke. Sooooooo Smoooooothhhhh
  13. You will have to find an old AGP board. This board uses the 440BX chipset. So I believe your AGP will have to be a earlier AGP rev because of the voltage difference. Here is a lonk that will help you out: http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/P2...pict172664.html
  14. Angry do not forget to mention the down and dirty way. DO to my setup it was impratical to pull my mobo out. SO I just cut off the push pins with a small pair of needle nose and pushed them thru the back of the board. Just make sure you find the 2 metal springs that fly off.
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