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    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Very informative Minsc. cheers.
  2. Snook

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Thanks, i'm sold on the price/performance front. I just need to decide wether to have 2 seperate raids or 1 big one... ah decisions, decisions!!
  3. Snook

    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Just wondering, would 4 Hitachi Sata2 drive in Raid0 beat 2 raptors? Are there any results for 4 Sata2 hitachis in this thread? Angry did 3hitachis sata2 plus a regular, but i couldnt find 4 sata2 drives... And would you recomend 4xdrives in Raid0 (for os and apps) plus my 250gb WD for music and vids or 2Raid0's with 2drives in each array (one raid for windows the other for apps) plus the 250gb for music and vids or some other mix?? Thanks Snook
  4. Look on the white SPD sticker on the sticks... If it has a little V1.1 then they are TCC5, if it doesnt have the V1.1 they should be TCCD. Snook
  5. Snook

    My new PC (56k Warning)

    Very nice!! I would like to see this new (and improved ) RAM cooler Snook
  6. Snook

    Newegg/American site prices

    Cheers guys. Snook
  7. Some VX just doesn't go that high. Mine won't either, they pass memtest that high but windows won't. Using clockgen, I can get a superPi result at 260+ but anything more strenuous (prime, 3dmark) just poops out Snook
  8. Snook

    Newegg/American site prices

    Hey Shinobi did you order any of your stuff direct form an online store or has someone you know sent it out to you? Snook
  9. Snook

    Newegg/American site prices

    Cheers. So if he gets through customs its all good, if not then I will have to pay extra. What if he wraps the Gcard as a b'day present, thats how another mate brought goods over. It will be a kind of B'day pres if he does it... Snook EDIT They would have to be pretty hardass at the customs to tear open a birthday present...
  10. Have you tried that? Has your computer been knocked at all? Snook
  11. Snook

    Newegg/American site prices

    I wouldn't have it any other way... So Americans can get 2 7800GTX' delivered for $1004!!!!!!!! Thats £555 UK!!!!! Not exactly cheap, until you see that.... The same 2 cards in the UK would cost £730 delivered!!! $1318, 'only' $318 more Snook
  12. Hi, I've been looking to get a 7800GTX, but they are waaay to expensive at the moment. I have a friend going over to a cousins in the states. The prices over in america seem an awful lot cheaper I've been doing my maths... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814122224 that works out at £275, you will be getting a 7800GTX for cheaper than a UK 7800GT. UK 7800GT - http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo...roductID=249092 Does the newegg price have to have tax added to it? What will the price be with the tax if there is one? If the price is still cheap I may get my mate to pick one up for me Snook
  13. mmm weird, maybe your CMOS battery is flat? Try getting a new battery and see if that helps. Snook
  14. Snook

    can smartguardian read gpu temp?

    AKAIK, no it can't. I use a modified version of MBM5, some guys have put some great work into this project, have a look here... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...hlight=settings Try following the instructions on the first post, and if you get stuck i'm sure they'll help. It looks a little tricky but its pretty easy to setup. Snook