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  1. Course not.. i searched that page.. but only that book.. i dont want to read tha book, its BOOK :shake:..
  2. I used google.. I fund very good guide to set up general bios settingsHERE
  3. Is there any guide for all bios settings? It would be nice to see what CPU internal cache or Apic mode does.. and where can I enable/disable fastwrite?
  4. as you wish.. more volts, more speed.. (ram volts), but if using 704 bios be careful with CPU volts, some say it could burn your cpu if vid special is set above 113%.. there is also thread about that warning..
  5. original 704 works fine for me.. no cold boots.. just be careful when setting vcore..
  6. elow.. i heared alot about Burn In.. some say it works, some say it doesent at all.. so i decided to try it myself.. I use program called CPU Burn-In.. before burning i was stable @ 2684Mhz on 1,54v.. after burning i was pi32 stable @ 2750Mhz.. I was doing it like this: with ClockGen i raised fsb+2 till it failed pi32m calculation.. then i burned for 8 hours ans see if it passes.. i guess it works for now.. here i have some questions.. 1. Is tool i use good for burning? 2. How much should I burn? 3. Is the way i burned the right one, or u know something better? 4. Can i damage something? 5. I want to burn in my ram also.. should i burn in each stick seperately? 6. Where to start burning ram? Is 3,3V ok? TY
  7. hm.. well.. i didnt read dfi forums for a while, so i didnt see this 704 bios warning.. i was playing alot with voltage.. i thing i tryed each of vid special.. but thanks god.. no problem for now.. so i guess its working fine for me.. btw.. is there any newer bios (from 704) yet?
  8. well i have 6800gt and is gunning in second slot just fine.. resoults in 3dmark05 were totaly identical :nod:
  9. I've downloaded DFI config for MBM5 and there I see GPU temp 0°c, so its not working.. Do I have to enable temperature report somewhere or something? Or is it made just for ATI cards? TY
  10. there is an option in 7/4 bios to increase ram voltage ''+0.03V if it's not 3.2v''.. Does that mean that i can't enable this option if i already have 3.2v?
  11. I have the same problem with venice 3500+. I'm only working on cpu mhz, so i put the ram(OCZ pc4000 VX) on 1:2 ratio for now.. but even on that i cant reach higher then 244*11 @ 1.175v*136%.. its the last prime95 and OCCT stable setting. Increasing voltage does not help.. wird problem...
  12. Thanks alot.. i've seen this one on dfi-street, but there it says i need adjustable psu rails.. i dont have, i have ModStream.. U think it is worth warrianty to make mod, so i can adjust rails? has someone link how to do this?
  13. Can I ask vhere is a guide or something to that 3,3v trick? I used search, but no luck.. tnx
  14. Recency, I just increased voltage on rams on 2,8V and its working fine for now in dual channel in orange slots.. i'll OC it here first and then go to yellow slots.. to see a difference..
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