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  1. yea i agree....even getting that far with 4x512 is a nice job...
  2. hi all im trying to overclock my san diego 3700+ as far as i can on my asrock board. ive got geil one series TCCD, an asrock 939-Dual SATA2, a 3700+ san diego, and a ddr booster. the board doesnt provide very many vcore options at all, in fact the highest is 1.45v. so right now, ive hit a wall at 236x11(2.6GHz) because of temperature. once i get a new heat sink, id like to kno how far a san diego CPU can go on only 1.45v. i kno all CPU's are different, but if you could give a rough estimate, thatd b great. thanks
  3. can you post a link to your RAM? i asked for some g skill RAM for christmas and i have an ultra-D...i really dont want another problem with this system.. :mad:
  4. yep, i agree, dont want him to RMA something and find out somethign else entirely is causing the problem... so theres NO WHERE you could get another PSU? thatd b my 1st thing to check...no other systems, none layin around?
  5. hes just asking for your specs so he can identify your problem.... anyways, your PSU rails have nice ratings...dont think thats the problem
  6. im really not RAID-fluent yet, as i havent really used it in any of my systems, but if you started noticing problems with these new drivers, why not just roll back to the old ones?
  7. sounds similar to what hapenned on my intel board. i dount this is wat hapenned to u, but iill share it anyways.. i was working on the heat sink of my Pentium 4 prescott. i found out that if u file down the side of the heat sink that touches the CPU, it gets VERY smooth, so i decided to do that. well i filed it too far, and when i reattached the heat sink, it wasnt gettign good contact. booted up, BAM my CPU is at 96C and rising. when i put a new heat sink on and booted back into the PC, my entire section of the BIOS that monitored things was gone. no fan speeds, voltages, or temperatures. really weird...no flashing the BIOS, clearing the CMOS, or any fiddling could get it to work. i would wait around a little bit to see what others say, but if flashing the BIOS doesnt help, it appears the sensors have permanently screwed up, so you might as well RMA while you have the chance...
  8. seems like a PSU problem...enermax's are usually pretty reliable PSU's, but even if some component is dead in the PC, the fans usually spin up...
  9. athlon X2's use 2 low power Venice/San Diego cores so that the overall temperature isnt rediculous. for this reason, you can often get by on stock with pretty low voltages. a friend of mine tested that out for himself, and i think he got as a little below 1.3v before it started actin up... 260x10 is only 2.6GHz...if u want to take advantage of the low power core design, you could probably lower that a few .1's and save on the heat...if ur nto havin any heat problems, dont bother, but if ur asking if 1.49v is too high, its not.
  10. its not speedfan if he gets those readings in the BIOS also... you said "after changing some BIOS settings i got this" what all did you change? would a "load defaults" fix this? i dont really know what you could have changed to make the sensors this screwed up, but still....
  11. i dont really have time to check the link i have to go soon...but in short, would an epower PumaII work?
  12. yea i recommend you replace that also...my chipset runs extremely warm on the Ultra-d also. i think the nforce chipset just runs hot by nature, but the DFI chipset cooler isnt anythign to brag about either. i still gotta replace mine, but because of the placement, i have to find something low profile so it ddoesnt interfere with my video card..
  13. hi all. i have a lanparty NF4 Ultra-D, and the rest of the specs can b found in my signature, the 1st system. anyways, whenever i come out of standby(well, almost every time) my CPU temp gets over read by speed fan and the fan cycles liek crazy. its getting a little annoying, so i posted this question in on another forum, and they said my PSU might b the problem. i have an antec 380w PSU, solid rails and everything, but its only a 20-pin PSU. all other power connectors are in, like the floppy, the molex, and the +12v. peopel on another forum said it may not b getting the correct "standby voltage" or something. is that right? ive heard all kinds of weird things can happen when you have a 20-pin PSU on this board... thanks
  14. i coudlnt really get my karajan workin either...a friend of mine with the NF4 Ultra-D got it working no problem on his, but mine doesnt seem to want to work...it doesnt even detect it, and yea its plugged in...ive just plugged in my Live! 16-bit.
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