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  1. I just try to install the vc-rf and I must say that in now way I think is the same as the vc-re because i'm getting temps of 49-51C at idle at the bios screen. So I'm assumming it is not touching the chipset otherwise the temps by logic should be lower. Anyway i'm going to dril another hole next to the one that doesnt fit well and probably screw with one of my old cpu heatsink socket - i'll see how to mod that! Anyway my bigger concern now is the thermal paste to applied, I was using the leftover of the zalman cpu fan and I would rather get some good stuff on it this time. Like silver artic ceramic or artic silver 5 whichever you guys thinks work best. And due to the fact that Happy_games mentioned he use ceramic i've been trying to message you about the place you bought yours as I have no idea of the product until i saw this turorial. I'll like to apply it to my cpu and video card so if you have the item number or place to buy please post it here. sorry if asked before.
  2. Ok guys, I found this deal going on again, but for about 10 extra bucks on the AIW x1900. However I 'll like to get a answer to my question before ordering the card and a brand new psu. I will buy the OCZ gameXstream psu to help keep this system going for a long time until i find a better job and more income to upgrade to something better and up to date. PSU $139 after rebates http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817341002 Also here in newegg they have a deal for this card going this weekend, I would consider the card according to your advice, its a connect3D radeon x1900Gt and I want to know if its better to get this an a separate tv tuner with the Pro 550 theater chip instead of getting the all in Wonder x1900. anyway let me know what you think. Vid Card $ 178.00 after rebates! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814142068 Looking forward to any advice!
  3. so in my case that last LED what would it mean, I cant get VIDEO?
  4. Hello, Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I'm going nuts with my system here. It started acting weird after I installed the Zalman cpu heatsink fan on it. For some reason I started getting cold boot symptoms, well after a few trys at claring cmos i gave up and asked for an rma from newegg. the new board came and try it out, but now I get the problem that there is no video at all. the motherboard boots and it beeps, but the monitor stays in standby mode, i try 3 different monitors, no success. In the led indicator, i get all 4 to light up and one by one starts turning off, except the last one towards the edge of the side. To be honest, I know I find on the manual what they leds mean, but I cant find or dont know which is LED 1 or LED 4 so I dont know exactly what the LED indicates, VIDEO CARD problem, RAM Problem or Something ELSE. SO if any here can post a picture of the LED indicator and show me which one is which! I would really appreciate it, I rather have a last look at help here before going to buy a new video card to test or memory. Thanks.
  5. Fair enough! Now just hunt a good deal as the zipzoomfly keeps going out of stock!
  6. I was just confused by the core and memory speed difference, but yes i hear about the settings the ati supports that the geforce doesnt! any other input!
  7. Hi, recent problems with my system has lead me to start changing and updating some of my hardware, and my last problem to fix is the Video card, I currently have a Gigabyte Geforce 6600GT vid card and I want to upgrade to something not 100% high end, but rather something close to it. I saw a deal for the ATI All in Wonder x1900 256MB DDR3 x16 pci for around $230.00 and the MSI Geforce 7900GT 256MB DDR3 x16 pci. for around the $230.00 as well. The MSI http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...MP=OTC-d3alt1me ATI http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=321354 I 'm not into so much gaming, but I do enjoy playing Ghost Recon and call of Duty 2 so gaming is a good thing plus the option of having a tv tuner ready card for Windows Media Center. By the post you guys might find that I have no good knowledge in this field, and therefore the reason for my post, ANY recommendation is Greatly appreciated!
  8. I borrowed a psu from a friend who has pretty much the same system as I do, it is an enermax 535W psu and it was working well on his. So I tested my system and nothing happened. It trys to boot, but 2 seconds after all power activity goes off. I have follow the Clear cmos where you can clear it for 15min, 30min, 8hours, 24hours, (just now was 24hours) and nothing works. After that I went to bestbuy and bought one of those Antec 2.0 power supplies, I got the expensive one with more wattage power just in case and same results. So the PSU should not be the problem. I have already message newegg and they advice me to try to get more help with the manufacturer of the motherboard before filing for a RMA#, but after all these troubles and the needs I have to have the computer back on I guess I will file the RMA for the motherboard, hoping that is my problem, unless any here would suggest me a better idea. All these were retail hardware so they are under warranty.
  9. By the way, there is no overcloacking involved in this system, other than the flashed bios a year ago and since then decided not to push the system due to the lack of good cooling.
  10. Regarding the Clear CMOS recommendation, well I did, and I even try leaving it for an hour, less and even longer without success, one thing though, at one point with all these trials, I found that the hard drive was about to spin off as when the system is about to boot up, but then the power went off. All the leds are red and dont change, the power goes off before any start up activity. So I am hoping the reason is the Power supply, I guess adding the big 120mm Zalman 7700 cpu heatsink might have been the reason for my PSU to die on me. At least I hope as it will same more money in replacing it. Now regarding the psu not being from the list, to be honest with you, up until today i had this system running really well for almost a year. I had the computer on most of the time and had no issues. I had 4 hard drives, a video card, a tv tuner, a wireless nic card, and the two cd-rom/dvd drives running with the stock cpu and gpu heatsinks. The problem arouse just about when I decided to change the heatsink and gpu heatsink. Also before I had 3 regular fans and one 120mm fan on the back of my case. So the PSU was capable to provide enough power. But then again, I have no idea if it is indeed not enough for my system with the new additions. I had problems before with the system freezing up or giving those blue screens of death in windows, but then my two hitachi drives started going mad clicking and I had to replace them. I will try getting a new psu and hopefully the problem will be solve. Any other help here would always be appreciated.
  11. Hi, newie here, so Apologies if I cant express myself the most precise way. My problem is that I try to update my system with a new heatsink fan and the evercool chipset fan as well. I installed both and follow angry-games tutorial to make sure everything was done properly. After I finished, I put my computer all together and started the system. In order to see the differences between the old and the new fans, I went straight to the setup menu and check the temperature of my system. After I lefted for like 10 minutes I shut down the computer and decided to start installing windows again due to the fact that Newegg had recently sent me back 2 hitachi drives 160GB that failed a couple of weeks before. So after installed the hard drives into the system and turn on the computer again my nightmare started to happen. The system trys to boot, but only like for 2-3 seconds then it goes off. I keep trying and I dont get it to boot. I thought it was my video card because it sits ontop of the chipset fan(recently installed, but after taking out and positioned back on, nothing happens, the same problem persist. Then I check my memory, and same results. as a last resource I check the cpu. I took the Zalman fan out and try to turn the computer on and nothing happens, but as soon as I try to unlock the cpu from the socket and turn the computer on, the systems works but ofcourse no picture or booting activity. So I'm not sure if my problem is the motherboard, the cpu, the video card or the Powersupply. Funny thing is that as soon as I lock the cpu in the socket again the problem starts to happen all over again. Another thing I noticed is that with the power cables that go into the motherbard, the four-pin cable when is off, the system works well, no picture or booting activity, but the cpu fan works, the chipset fan works and the video card fan works so the entire motherboard seems to work in providing power, it is just when this four-pin power cable is connected or when the cpu is fully locked in the socket that the system doesnt boot. Again I'm really new to this type of issues and I have no idea how to solve it. I'm in a situation that I can not afford to buy new cpu or motherboard, so I'm seeking help here maybe some user had a similar problem. I havent touch my bios since last year when I first got the system all together, and everything was working well to say is one of those warm-cool bios related threads i read here. Newegg already exchange my 2 hitachi drives that failed to boot (lots of clicking) two weeks ago and I have messaged them about this new problem, but havent received any help regarding exchanging the board or cpu. Any help appreciated, and if you need to have more info, I'm more than happy to explain my problem the best I can.
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