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  1. LDT is set to 3x, 825.3 MHz. I have tried to bump the LDT and chipset voltages, but not too much... What is a good max voltage to give them? normally I would totally agree, but more voltage to underclock something? it just doesnt make any sense to me. :confused: I have tried to give my memory 3.2v, no change. EDIT: I just tried the whole spectrum of LDT voltages and up to 1.65v on the chipset to see if it would even boot 3-3-3-8, no luck.
  2. I am. 9x. I am using the 188 divider for memory though...the 200 divider isnt stable over like 230HTT...any ideas about that?
  3. I dont think you understand...in any other board (I have tried nF3 and Via K8T800 pro or whatever it is) I have no problem at all hitting 275+ at 3.0v. I have confirmed this on more than 4 boards. This board can easily go that high as well, and run memtest and not spit an error at 3-4-4-8. The problem is booting windows. More voltage to the memory would help me tighten my timings, but I cant loosen them. CAS 2.5 or higher makes the system unstable. CAS 2 works fine...
  4. SPD on my memory is 200MHz @ 2-2-2-5. As I type this, they are running 250MHz @ 2-3-3-8.
  5. I am using the orange slots. The yellow ones will post but will hang if an OS tries to load. I tried tour method, did not work. My memory can boot at CAS 3, it just BSODs when I try to load XP. Very strange...
  6. I have been trying to OC my new DFI board. Everything is going very well, but the memory overclocking seems to be a little strange. I can boot memtest with my TCC5 memory (2x512) at 275+ MHz, 3-4-4-8. It will run all day and be rock stable. As soon as I try to boot windows, computer crashes immediately, BSOD then reboot. After much playing around, I have concluded that it is not the bandwitdh, its the timings causing the problems. I can run my memory at 250MHz, 2-3-2-8 and boot windows and prime all day. Totally stable. As soon as I try to boot 250MHz, 3-3-3-8, same crashing problem. It seems if CAS is set to anything over 2, the system is unstable. Another annoying thing is that the board has many memory divider options, but some don't work correctly, including the DDR200 option. That sucks because my life would be much easier if I could just keep my memory 1:1. I am running the most recent official bios. Anyone know what the problem with overclocking this memory is?
  7. how much voltage are you all putting through your OCZ Plat. rev. 2 TCCD or TCC5? Right now im trying to break the 282 barrior with 3.2V. You all think that is too much?
  8. So i just tried both 705 and 711 without RAID to see if i could get a higher overclock. turns out that if i even touch the memory, IE. loosen the timings or up the voltage and not even mess with the MHz, the computer wont POST. Anyone know why?
  9. Ive got them at 3.2V and when i try to go high i set the latency to 3-4-4-10 2T. Do you think maybe the latency is too high or i am using too much juice?
  10. I cant get the orange slots to work very well at all actually. Just tried it and Yellow slots are better for clock speed as well as latency.
  11. Lower HTT meaning the Memory speed after dividers or a low HTT in general?
  12. The RAID is too screwy on the 705 and the 711. I couldnt get either to work even without the raid! Maybe i will wait till the next bios comes out.
  13. Oldguy- My sig was old, this is all at 2T, and I am also using the mellow yellows. blinker- I updated my sig today. @ 239 2-3-3-4 2T Stable. I was trying 285-300 at 3-4-4-10-2T when it wouldnt work.
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