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  1. Now it works. After sitting overnight It fired right up in the morning and was working fine. I did try to reinstall the drivers from the DFI driver disk, but it would continually freeze. What a quirky bastard of a board! I'll leave well enough alone. Til next time anyway. Thx!
  2. WTF!?!? The ethernet connection just went AWOL. Cant roll back the driver, cant reinstall the driver and cant get a connection. I gave up on this board a while back and have just been running it stock on 6/02 and everything was groovy up until today. I've searched the forums and find lots of NF4 probs, but nothing pertaining to this board. Please advise if there is a known fix.
  3. I managed to get lucky and rid myself of it, but I dont know of any sure fire way to do it. All I had to do was load optimized, set ram to 2.7v & 1T. No cold boot for 3-4 days now
  4. I've been blessed!!! No more cold boots on 602 anymore, not sure about 705 or 711 yet as still savoring this victory. Load optimized defaults, set my standard stuff (disbale floppy, fast writes off, etc...) and set the mem to 1T @ 2.7v. No oc at the moment. Boots right up first time, every time! Who was it that told me to try differnent mem? Although I wasn't able to try new sticks the problem certainly did lie with my memory. Weird how 2t = cold boot hell and 1t = the goodness. Plus the extra performance is nice
  5. I have the exact same issue as Johnson and am not by any means incapable of getting this board up and running. Its either a hardware incompatibility issue with the newer bios' or we just got a batch of bios chips that wont jive with anything but 602. I'd be happy with 602 if it would only stop with the damn cold boot.
  6. Can you send him my way afterwards!?!? I'm having similiar issues as yourself. I can flash to 711 and even post, but once I make any changes it wont post again. I've flashed, cleared cmos and cursed aloud so many times that I've scared my neighbors so I'm done with 705/711. Except for the cold boot and not rememering my OC settings 602 has been decent to me. It'll run 1T, OC decently and I dont have to clear cmos every time I hit the power button
  7. 711 nor 705 play nice with me. Flash goes fine and am able to post and get into bios, but aftere making changes neither will post again reliably. I gotta clear the cmos and start over, but it'll post everytime after clearing the cmos. Back on 602 again and its been the best for me yet.
  8. I got the exact same thing with 705 NineBall. I flashed back to 602 and it seems a much better creature now, but I'm still disgusted by DFI. They should not have released this POS upon the masses. I waited to jump from Intel to AMD until this board released cause of DFI's 'legendary' overclocking status in the community and needed ti stick with AGP. If they wont RMA for the rev. 2 then I'll be right behind you in the complaint line. Are you all so blinded by your DFI loyalty to not realize this thing blows donkey balls?
  9. Flashed to 705 last night (again) and it went much better. Got into the bios and made one change at a time like everyone said, but it was still only post when it felt like it (damn finicky classy lady!) so back to 602 yet again. 602 is acting a little friendlier to me this time, no cold boots yet These mem dividers are . me off to no end. My chip will do 300x9 and my mem will do at least 250 (lets pretend those are my limits). At 300x9 all I can do to boot is set the mem divider to 100. At 133 I still should be below 250mhz on the mem, but it wont post (just long beeps). I know this Corsair sucks, but its all I have at the moment. Any advice for me to get some performance out of it? BTW, this was all at 3448 @ 2.8v. I now run at 240x10, 1:1, 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.8v and its happy. How far off are these dividers?
  10. Thanks for the input. You may have given me enough courage to try it again.
  11. Same here. This is my ram (unfortunatly) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145454 I can boot at 250 1:1, but cannot get it to pass PI for the life of me. Did you have any problems with booting after you flashed to 705? After I flashed it would get stuck in a continual booting episode. It post'd twice out of 30 resets, once it did boot to windows everything worked okay. I was wondering if the 705 bios maybe didnt like these sticks!?!? Does Nf3 have a mem divider problem? I'm an AMD & DFI newb and this is the first I've heard about it, but it would explain some probs I'm having. At 100 I can do at least 290x9, but at 166 I cannot even hit 270x9 (which should put my mem around 235mhz, which it does). I get long beeps when it tries to post, are those beeps pertaining to the mem? Am I the only sucker who got stuck in a never ending wont-post cycle after flashing to 705?
  12. That was easy. Thanks! Speedpc, I certainly appreciate the advice man. I did not follow that procedure exactly. I did not check all the boxes. Rd 2 coming up.......
  13. mines still doing it after flashing back to 602. WTF!?!?!? Did kids write these bios'?
  14. 705 can burn in hell :mad: Once flashed it just does the never ending cold boot loop. It booted 2 out of 20 attemps. Back on 602 now and back in business. Why the hell does it test my mem in the post screen now? never did that before?
  15. What is all this set Drive strength to 50% I keep reading about? What advantage or disadvantes will arise setting it 50%
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