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  1. Just flashed it! Knocked down the speed to 2.6Ghz from 2.7Ghz and prime stable. Running a lower divider and knocked the ram down to 217mhz from 245mhz. Feelin' good...
  2. I actually was when I first built my system. After sometime I started playing BF2, it started to crash here and there. Then, I slowly started to lower my fsb and now I'm at 270 which is pretty stable. I'm hoping that i can go back to 300ish if i can run a lower divider. :drool:
  3. Currently have 510-2 and it's been treating me fairly well. Recently, BF2 would start to crash often and couple sudden restarts + BSOD occurred, so I lowered FSB from 300 to 270. My hunch is on the ram since it has so many delicate settings. I've tried to lower the divider so I can keep the CPU running at 2.7Ghz but no avail, any lower divider won't let me boot into windows for some reason. Should I flash my bios to a newer one? Recommendations?
  4. Looking for 2GB DDR500 PC4000 RAM. Shoot me with offers. Thanks! :tooth:
  5. i can't install Windows!!!! I have DFI Lanparty NF4 board with USB keyboard... When i try to install windows and try to boot from the Windows XP CD, it gives "Press Any Key to Boot From CD...." and my keyboard does not work... it works to go into bios.. but it does not work in choosing the "safe mode" menu either... any way to solve this?!?!
  6. wow... how did the mouse end up in there?...
  7. mbm5 and bios displays -128c for cpu, chipset, and pwmic... any way to fix this? i dont think this is software issue because it was just fine last week.. and i haven't made any changes..
  8. mine doesn't seem that noisy.. motor problem?
  9. toms hardware is obviously being paid off by intel as well... most of stuff they write on amd is really biased and pessimistic.. i will quote one line i remember.. "FX57 - Fast but EXPENSIVE".. lol
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