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  1. yea of course i tried google, but not pricegrabber...hmm..I dont use that site much, forgot about it... and no the 930BF is different although it seems to have the same specs of 4ms and 700:1
  2. this is all good and well, but im more interested in seeing new cards come out...cant wait for G80...
  3. Im looking for this LCD specifically: Samsung 940BF its a 19'', with a refresh rate of 4ms, and a contrast ratio of 700:1. I dont even see it on samsungs site....all they have there is a 940B..not the BF. I just need to find some sites that have it for sale in the USA. heres a review: http://tvs.consumerelectronicsnet.com/arti...le.jsp?id=36134 Im thinking of getting this lcd instead of the viewsonic VX924, bc the contrast ratio on this one is higher and reviews say the color repro. is better. thx
  4. if anyone is looking for a cheap opty 165... $299 for a 24 hr sale at monarch...was $340 yesterday...and $360 a few days b4 that... hxxp://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=M&Product_Code=120339&AFFIL=pricewatch&NR=1 don forget to change the hxxp to http
  5. heh it would help but way too risky for me...one wrong move and the cpu is dead....killed my old 3200+ that way...
  6. yea the opty 165 is nice...its the best dual core option there is if u want to go dual core. My opty 165 converts avi to dvd @ 90-140 fps using winAVI w00t got my opty up to 2.5Ghz stable so far...
  7. Im not sure what stepping my 165 opty is, but im using that platinum 1GBx2 ocz ram kit, and its working fine. Should work great with all steppings of the 165 opteron, I see no reason it wouldnt.
  8. Now Im not really pushing this cpu yet, but here is where I am now. Im going to use the top option in prime95 to test it again tonight. http://www4.ncsu.edu/~gdgottli/opt1.gif The memory is @ 202mhz. I havent tried using lower voltage yet.
  9. haha nice.....2.6 I bet i could get that, but i just want to enjoy some games right now. Ill oc more soon as i prime this overnight to make sure its stable.
  10. o0o0o00o0 nice....you have some guts takin that IHS off....I tried to take off the IHS of my 3200+ venice a while ago, and killed it...i hit one of the transistors... im not touching the IHS on my 165 unless i become really rich and can afford to lol. but yea, that looks really nice.
  11. Feel better with a cpu made for personal use? I mean this opteron is basically the same thing..just supposedly made from better silicon...and a better memory controller...I mean the only diffs I see are positives...and it overclocks well. I mean if I wanted an X2 with 1mb cache per core, id have to pay $500 instead of the $300 I paid. cpuZ + task manager: http://www4.ncsu.edu/~gdgottli/cpu.gif so Blave, if I were you, I would definitely get the opteron. It wouldnt be too much of a sin to get the 3800 x2, bc its price is dropping down towards the opteron 165 price, and the opteron 165 is a tad hard to find right now. monarchcomputer.com should have it around Nov 28.
  12. As soon as i saw the Opteron 165 was dual core, and had 1mb per core of L2 cache(not to mention about 20-30 dollars less than the 3800X2)...I bought it instead of the 3800 x2. I mean in theory itll clock higher....and it has double the cache. So far ive got my 165 up to 2.4ghz (1.44v)...just chillin at this point so far..not pushing it yet. The temps on this thing are exactly the same as my 3000+ i was using prior to this cpu...32-34C idle, 38-39C load. It should be noted im using a Thermalright XP 120, with a 120mm 93cfm max adjustable fan, and my case is all aluminum...with a 120mm fan in the rear, also 93 cfm max. I hardly ever run the fans at max speeds though.
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