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  1. I really dig those LED's, in a windowed case they look awesome. But yes, from what I've seen, the only difference between the two is the LED's on the PCB. And the color, lol.
  2. Found out today, Crucial will no longer be offering the Ballistix Tracer line of Memory modules. They are out of stock and there will be no more to come. This was from two techs at Crucial. They will however, still offer the regular line of Ballistix. Just passing along what was told to me today. As of this morning I had opted to go ahead and do a cross-shippment for a replacement of the order I had received... but of well. I will prolly look into OCZ, GEiL or Corsair.
  3. Yes, Sharp, thank you very much! Thats what I've been looking for. Nice work. :cool:
  4. Well, I ordered the Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2 gig kit, and one stick was bad. RMA'ing it, SO I would still like to hear some input what what the best is out there to own as far as 2 gig kits on my board. Anyone?
  5. Hey, yeah I ran memtest last night when I got home, on one stick at a time and found that one stick was erroring out everytime no matter what the settings was. The other stick did just fine. So I called for an RMA today, and will be returning these for a refind. Now that I see your post, I'm glad I am. Just gotta find something else to replace them with. My 2x512 kit of Tracer works great... just can't handle taking another chance with the 2 gig kits. Thanks for your response.
  6. With what you are seeing in the device manager, you might try installing/reinstalling your nForce chipset drivers.
  7. Hows that coming along? I'd be very interested in this. For one, I just recieved my new order from Crucial of the Ballistix Tracer PC4000 2 gig kit, and cannot run it in either the orange or yellow slots without errors in memtest. Even at stock settings i.e. 200 HTT or 250 HTT with default mem timings. While my 2x512 1 gig kit runs just about perfect at any setting. I've invested alot jack in Crucial ram based on how well my first 1 gig kit has performed, I'd hate to really be let down by my new 2 gig kit, seeing as how it costs alot more than even Corsair.
  8. Yeah, but if everyday I felt that way, I'd have to find a new job/hobby!
  9. Well................ I dropped the hammer on the http://www.crucial.com/store/MParts...BL2KIT12864L503 It'll be here Monday, so we'll see. I know the Ballistix stuff is good, even tho it lightened me pockets a bit more, I believe its worth it.
  10. Thanks, yeah I was following that thread while it was running. Thanks again.
  11. What are the very best 2x1gig sticks for performance and o/c'ing? Price not an issue, if you were buying for your system tomorrow, what would they be? Any brand. I have some very nice ram now, but they are 2x512, and I would like to upgrade to 2gig, plus the sticks I have now, I'll put in my wifes rig, which will make her happy too. Been looking at these two: http://www.mwave.com/mwave/viewspec.hmx?scriteria=BA21618 http://www.crucial.com/store/MPartspecs.As...BL2KIT12864L503
  12. Well, while I'm at it, I would like to thank "Angry" for his time and effort that he puts in on this forum, and for the help he has been providing all of us. Thank you. I for one, did not realize you worked for DFI, but it is nice to know. As for believing you, I see that about 99.8% of the posters here do, even though it may not seem that way sometimes. Keep up the good work Angry, "Fight the Good Fight!" :nod:
  13. I agree with you 100%, as I've been shaking my head about this ever since I put this last system together. No other board I've used in the past has had 3 different sets of bios to pick and choose from and guess, hope and pray you pick the right one..... as I have seen no definitive answer on this subject. One place says this, another says that... on and on. Where is DFI' stance on this.... why are they not the ones to say which "-" is the best for whatever type ram? (and not a -1 works with this ram table 3/16, -2 works with that ram table 3/26 blah, blah. (and if anyone wants to know why I say that, its because its confusing as hell, thats why), kinda stuff either) Instead of users out in the field. Sure, I'm running ok with the bios I'm using now, but...... is it the one that I "Should" be using? heh, Shot in the dark, as far as I'm concerned.
  14. I just want to take this time, to thank you for your efforts in working on these issues.... Thank You! Oskar. Very much.
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