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  1. Ive tried all the other BIOs. The MB had this issue straight out of the box, I upgraded BIOS is 3.10 (I think thats what is was) and had same problem. THen upgrade to 6.15 BIOS the day it was posted (ironically I emailed DFI tech support with this problem and even after the BIOs was pulled they told me to try the 6.15....) I wasn't really "using" NTune for anything either. I use ITE Gaurdian, CPU-Z etc. I simply installed NTune after all these problems started to see if it would give me back any information. Which I guess it techically did as that picture demonstrates. Keep in mind these issues happen at stock, overclocked and even underclocked. I previously had this RAM running in Dual Channel on an Abit NF-7 with a Bartion 2500+ @ 3200+ speeds. And what about the Video card? Sadly I don't have another PCIE board to test this on.
  2. I recently picked up a DFI-LanParty and a new AMD64 Venice 3000+ and I'm having 2 show-stopping issues. I've exhausted all my knowledge, and a few others' from Anandtech.com too. Problem #1: I can't run both stick of RAM no matter what I do. If I run with 1 stick in the first orange slot (#2) and everything is fine. If I try to put the 2nd stick of RAM into slot #4 (orange closest to CPU) the PC will not boot. No Bios no nothing. LED indicators get stuck on detecting RAM (3 lit) and I get continuous long beeps. Looking at the slots in NV Monitor I see this: http://duba.kicks-butt.net/stuff/slot4.GIF If you notice slot #4 is reporting "yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" which seems to be some sort of error. Both sticks of RAM are good, as I can run with either one in, but not both. And yes I've tried the 2 yellow slots, and every possible combination. Problem #2: My PCIE card is not working. If I put the PCIE card into the top or bottom PCIE slot, I get garbage on the screen. The machine seems to be booting up fine, but I cant see or make anything out as its all garbage characters. My card does not require its own 12V connector as its just a 6600GT. Running a PCI FX1200 right now with n/p except that I cant play anything post 2003 on it I am running with a NeoPower 480 and all 4 power connectors hooked up to the MB. Tried with JUST the C: drive hooked up and same issues as above. The screenshot is what has me most worried. I'm thinking the board is DOA.... ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit: It does OC nicely though with the 1 stick in: http://duba.kicks-butt.net/stuff/OC.JPG
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