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  1. Hey guys, I only ask this question becuase I can't seem to overclock my venice higher than 2.6. Well, currently I am running stock cooling and am running my AMD Venice 3000+ Cpu with 1.55 volts at 2.6 ghz. I can't seem to get any higher, or i'll error out in p95, even with higher voltage I can't push it further. My temperatures, even on stock cooling, are about 52 degrees at full load. So, assuming temperature is the only limiting factor, my cpu (theorhetically) should be able to go higher, until the temperature is just too much for the CPU to bare. However, 50 seems sort of low, so I can only assume that there are other limiting factors. Is this the cap of my chip? (week 17 revision of the 3000) or would better cooling actually help me clock higher? I will be getting better cooling anyways, I'm just curious if that would alos help me overclock a bit more. Any thoughts? Mo __________
  2. Alright here they are... In Genie Bios 290,Auto,16|16,x9,100, DISABLE,1.450, 1.400, Above * 113%,1.2,2.5,1.9 I have the 704 bios and there is an option 'Dram+ .03v if not 3.2' (i dont think i've seen it in the 310 bios) and it is set to disabled. Continuing on... Auto, Pinstrap, disabled, disabled, Enabled, enabled, enabled, enabled, disabled Dram config settings 150 (this is the divider, but to test your CPU set it to 100), 3.0,4,8,4, Auto, Auto, 2,2,2,3, Auto, Auto,Disabled (this is the Bank Interleave in case you got lost ) Continuing on... Auto, 0, Auto, Auto, Auto, Normal, AUto, 256, Disabled,16x, 7x, Disable(4x bursts) Mo
  3. When i go home tonight, I'll post all my settings from Genie Bios. As a last shot in the dark you can try my settings and see if they work, it may just be a setting or two. Just save your current setup with the CMOS reloaded option then try my settings and see if it work. I am using OCZ Premier ram, so chances are your ram is better than mine and won't be a limitation. Will update when i get home Mo
  4. Not sure if it lowers performance, but it helps me oc. If i leave it enabled, i can't get very high at all (240 tops?). I think it does hinder performance, otherwise it would be disabled by default. Mo
  5. I'm pretty sure Auto will set it at the highest speed it can, without going over the limit. At least that is my understanding of it, but I don't know too much about the bios. If it makes you feel any better, I run my HTT at 290 with the LDT at Auto and I haven't had any problems thus far, so I assume it isn't setting it to 5x, otherwise I'd be way over the limit. I don't think it is dangerous, but perhaps someone with more info will fill you in Mo
  6. You tried setting bank interleave to disabled, right? And leaving the LDT multiplier at the AUTO setting? Mo
  7. OK, i can't seem to download Soundx98's config file, perhaps it is my internet connection, or maybe the link is dead? Anyways, I looked at my temps wit speed fan. These are my temps when at 100% Cpu Load 51 - CPU 48 - Not sure 48 - Not Sure 2 - lol not sure 40 - HDD 0 40 - Not sure That is the order in which they are listed in Speefan. Ok, so i lied, I Don't know most of them, i know some of them . Maybe it's obvious to someone which would be my Northbridge temp? And if you do know which ones relate to what, please do share Thanks, Mo
  8. I haven't really checked actually and unfortunatley, I didn't check before I flashed either. I'm not sure what a safe temp for the Northbridge should be, so if you could give me an idea, i'll let you know if any of my temps are above that (via Speedfan). I know what most of the temps are describing, but I am not aware of the northbridge one. I'll check when I get home all my temps from Speedfan. Is there another tool that guages temperatures well? Mo
  9. I had similar problems to yours, if the other suggestions fail, try the following (I'm listing it in the order I would do it) 1. Disable Bank Interleave (Genie Bios -> Dram settings) and set CPC to ENABLE. 2. You could try to loosen your Ram timings, although with your divider at 1:2, it probably isn't the issue and I did loosen mine initially but it proved not to be the problem. 3. Set the LDT multiplier (the one that is 1x,2x... 5x,Auto) to Auto. I had this at 3x with 260 FSB and it was unstable. But set it to auto and it became stable. [read note below] 4. Flash to the 7/04 -1 bios. [note below] Note: Regarding suggestions 3 and 4, I unfortunatley decided to try both of them at the same time and the result was that i was able to hit 305 HTT. I'm not sure which one helped, or if it was a combination of both, but it works. I also am using premier ram, so I am confident this should work for you. My old ceiling was about 260 with dual channel, and now it is somewhere between 305 and 308. Here is a list to quite a few bios' Bios List Hopefully it works, I too went with the cheapo ram, hopefully it works out for you. Mo
  10. I was informed that -1 for the 704 bios will run generic ram (or premier ram in my case) properly. It seems to work for me, I'd give that a go. No need to flash your bios if it works. If the 3/26 works, then great if not, then you should try flashing to the 7/04. Mo
  11. I assume that it would scale to the closest match (and i think it matches to 1000, not 2000). Otherwise there would be no reason to have that as an option in the first place, might as well select 5x. That's just my take on it, I don't really know too much about these motherboards. My comp is stable with about 1.5 volts (approx). I set the CPU vid to 1.40 @ 110%. Which i think is about 1.54 but it never really runs at about 1.52. I am at work, but I'll double check for you when I get home. When I get back, I'll try manually setting the LDT multiplier to see if it becomes unstable again, that way I'll know if it was the LDT multiplier or the Bios that fixed the problem.
  12. Managed to fix the problem. The solution is in another thread. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...04+dual+channel Hope it helps, Mo
  13. I had a similar problem, not exactly the same, but you might be interested in reading a thread a I created. It has the solution that worked for me. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16071 Hope it helps, Mo
  14. The Problem: Yesterday I was doing some overclocking on my new A64 3000 venice and found out I couldn't get my FSB above 250 (2.25 ghz) while using two sticks of memory (dual channel or not, it didn't matter). It just wouldn't boot into windows. If i used 1 stick, i could reach about 292 (2.62 ghz). I spent about 6 hours just trying different memory timings and voltages but with no luck. I was also having some funny results with the LDT multiplier, if i set it to 3x at 260 it wouldn't boot, but 4x 260 would boot. For all my testing, I loosened RAM timings based on settings found in this thread (Relaxed Ram Timings ). The Solution: A friend suggested I flash to the 7/04 bios, I was originally running the 310 bios. At the same time, I read a forum that suggested leaving the LDT multiplier at AUTO, so when I reflashed i made sure to do that. Now I can run the FSB to about 305 with dual channel, so If anyone is having similar problems, first try setting your LDT multiplier to auto and if that doesn't help, try reflashing to a different bios. Hopefully this helps someone My system is in my specs, but in case I upgrade my current system is: A64 3000 Venice LBBLE 0517 BPCW (currently with stock heatsink) DFI LP NF4 Ultra-d OCZ Premier Ram 2x512 megs Dual Channel kit OCZ ModStream 520 Watt Asus X800XL Pci-e Mo
  15. Well, I am by no means done overclocking or testing, but I thought i'd post and get a rough idea of what might be an ideal situation given my current situation. So far, i've set the mem divider to 1:2, so it shouldn't be an issue. I'm trying to find my max CPU potential and it turns out that when I run the ram in dual channel (actually, if i run two stick period, dual channel or not) my max HTT/FSB is 250. If i run 1 stick my max is about 292. Oh and when two sticks, it turns out that I see the windows loading splash screen, but before I can actually get to windows, it reboots. My current system is in my sig, but just so you don't have to look, I'm running the venice 3000+ so the speeds are: 250 x 9 = 2.250 ghz 292 x 9 = 2.628 ghz In case you were wondering, i'm running my vdimm voltage at 2.80. So, i'm not sure about how much of a difference, for games, the extra 400 mhz or so will make. Any thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? Thanks, Mo
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