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  1. Well, I took it to a shop and they tested the video card in another machine and could not get it to POST. So it looks like the video card is busted. So I'll have to RMA the card. But it concerns me a little that when I put the video card in the first PCI-E slot the board hangs with 3 LEDs lit, but if I put it in the other slot it boots all the way until VGA Detected. I hope the motherboard didn't kill the video card and the PCI-E slot it was in. Well, I'll RMA the video card and see if a new one works in the first PCI-E slot on the mobo. If not, maybe I'll RMA the motherboard as well. killerjay, when I get a new video card I'll play with the RAM timings, though I don't think the RAM is causing my problem.
  2. Alright, well I'll try going over to CompUSA then and see if they can test it in one of their computers. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  3. I had another thought: let's hypothesize that the card isn't broken and still works. Do you think a BIOS update or a change to the PCI Express settings in the BIOS could fix the problem? The reason I ask is because the board boots differently when the card is placed in different slots. If I stick it in the top slot (PCIE-1), the board does not go through it's boot sequence at all. If I put the card in the lower slot (PCIE-4), the board goes through the boot sequence and stops at VGA Detected. I really wish I had another card to test in the board...but could changing the PCI-E settings in the BIOS possibly fix the problem?
  4. Alright, here's the current situation. I found an old PCI video card in the garage and plugged it in. Low and behold, the system boots up just fine. It gets into windows and everything works fine (well, aside from the PCI video card being a piece of crap). It looks like my brand new video card got hosed from running a graphics demo. The only reason I can think this would happen is if the stock heatsink wasn't making adequate contact with the GPU. Grr... I guess now I can try flashing the BIOS...and try getting a replacement video card.
  5. Was your video card dead to begin with? Mine was at least working for a little while today until I ran that graphics demo. Could running a program like that kill the card?
  6. I'm not sure what BIOS version I am using (it is whatever came with the board). I did not check when I was able to boot and now I am unable to boot, so I can't check the version.
  7. I am putting together a new rig with the following specs: DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1 GB (2x512MB) Corsair Value Select PC3200 Asus PCIe Geforce 6600 GT Antec Neo Power 480W PSU etc. After setting up the system everything was working fine. I was able to install Windows, plug in all my drives, etc. I tried installing a few programs and everything was working fine. Then I installed and ran the nanu (mermaid) nvidia demo for NV40 cards. The demo ran for about 10 seconds, and then the monitor lost its signal from the video card. The music from the demo kept playing for a few seconds and then stopped. I tried rebooting, and could not get a video signal back. I then tried re-seating the video card and still had no luck. I then noticed that the diagnostic lights on the motherboard showed 3 of 4 LEDs lit when I tried powering the system on. According to the manual, 3 LEDs corresponds to CPU Detected. I then tried booting the system without the video card installed. This time the boot sequence got all the way to VGA Detected (1 LED on). So without the video card in, the system passed all the tests System Startup, CPU Detected, and DRAM Detected. With the video card plugged in, it only passes System Startup, then hangs on CPU Detected. I've tried clearing the CMOS and that did not help. Is it possible my video card got hosed? I find it unlikely that running a graphics demo could kill my video card (unless the heatsink was not on correctly). I have the stock heatsink on the video card and was not overclocking at all. However, I don't have another PCIe graphics card that I could use to test in the system. Has anyone had a similar problem? I tried using the other PCI-E x16 slot and the system booted as if no video card was installed (booted all the way to VGA Detected). Any help would be appreciated as this is a strange problem and I want to get the system working.
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