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  1. Thx Rgone for the links. Still the gamecube was just am example, doesnt matter wich audio in source i use, Gamecube, mp3s, dvdplayer etc.. Cant get any audio in. What i would like to know is how to make it work on the board changing jumper settings didnt help Same for tryinng both audio drivers, i dunt know about the set of 4 jumper next to jp52... So Anyone who ogt thi working ... What did you Do ??? As all the Spdif related controls are gray in the mixer...
  2. So.. guys, can i get ny help ? From the silence i get that nobody got this working then hum ??? This is on the board for show ?
  3. okok Ive tried the four combos nforce4/realtek with jp52 at 12/23 Want to capture som clips Want to use it as The audio In from a gamecube line in is ok but then , while doin my experiment remembered we have it on the board and never tried to make it work On the left of, right next to jp52 We have 4 jumpers, anything we do wit those ?? Read a bit on it, no real solutions, realtek mixer says s/pdif in "Lock" is on; Plus ; the s/pdif control are gray in CP, cant move them cant do nothing. How the hell we suppose to get this working hum ???
  4. thx dude.. have been there already.. Usually i only ask after a very good deal of personal research... nobody seems to be interested in doin that.. am still workin on the board tho...
  5. so. ??? dry ice heh ? they just applied better cooling ... not sayin everything the inq writes is true or will be.. just didnt see anythin related to volt modding in the article.... mabe be they did , mabe not wich seems to b the case ->>> means we can overclock the xts higher than we used to... we can deal with heat issues ezier than power issues... the two are directly related but if voltage increase is not needed... less trouble
  6. http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=26818 Unlike the x850xts, looks like we're gonna have some room to overclock without modding !!!!
  7. Hi hello, got me a Powercoloer x300se 128mb hypermemory with samsung ddr1 mem chips would like to know if anyone could help me vmodding the memory; right now am doing 405/205 stock is 324/195 actually the core can go up to 450 but theres no point in doin so because of memory bottlnecks. Would like som info about Volt reading point and resistors to mods. 'Ny help 'ny hint apreciated.
  8. Advise not to use conductive material... definitively true.... Questioning Rockas results... WHY ? :confused:
  9. aint sayin AG the theory and test are wrong but obviously not absolute.. rocka did it his way and got good results...
  10. Wow, the guy said he tried that and it worked for him.. ahem why would he lie ?? he just ventured on somethin and it went ok.. he never said what YOU did or tested was full of ., come on... AG
  11. yeah i thought so too.. sighhhh... wanted to get 2808 so ad... sniff sniff.. BUT primed and benched at 2750 with 1.40 lol....
  12. Stable now as in my sig. Can get it up to 2754 stable with 1.54 Beyond that, 308 and up, i get bsob with driver_irql_not_less, usually with nv_ata_bus.sys, once ati_tool.sys and once tcip.sys. increasing volts dunt change anything. Have tried nforce drivers 6.53, 6.66 with and without smbus. oh.. yeah... Any hints ??
  13. Absolutly; at 280*9 you need to set ldt to 3 for more stability
  14. You say you dunt have any spare floppy connector ??? obviously you have power issue, DFI Says to connect all four to the Board. Might be your problem.
  15. would first try to run the ram at stock or lower and find max cpu ALONE. Use dividers for that. Whats your Cpu voltage ?? have a look at my sig for hint... at least for the cpu..
  16. i would first try to run the ram at stock or lower and find max cpu ALONE. Use dividers for that. Whats your Cpu voltage ?? have a look at my sig for hint... at least for the cpu..
  17. Sup, * So what about the max Oc of the Venice 3000+ REAL STABLE !!!! Any link ?? *What would be the result of increasing the Pciex frequency ?? More performance ?? stability ??? *Also where or what to use to get the cpu/weekday etc like in "San Diego (CABGE 0515 SPMW) "
  18. Hello; I have somehing botherin me for quite sometime; got the pc4000Vx kit; Cant go higher that ddr 500, even ddr 507 automaticaly gives me errors on memtest Have tried various tweaks on timings/voltages etc.... Cant seem to get anywhere; Read alot in various forums already,... still stuck.. Is ther anyone who runs that chip at ddr600 ( memtest errors free ??), or just more than ddr500 ?? If So plz give full timings, voltages cpu spcs, etc...AS I DID tried once for ddr [email protected], think i burned the ram, had to go for RMA, recently received new kit, . Hope to hear from you soon . Peace my specs... USIN divider 5/6 right now.
  19. Do you use any oc tools for your X850 ?? also wich drivers ?? Setting the drivers to high performance (in catalyst and atiTT ) made my results jump from 19000 to 27000 without tweaking anything else. they were simply set to high image quality...
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