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  1. Ive been meaning to get a temp gun. I guess this is a good excuse.
  2. I tryed HWiNFO and it says it's Aux.. What is aux....
  3. Thanks everyone, good to know. On a side note. Anyone know of an alternate program to HWMonitor. Would the paid version be more compatible? AIDA64 seems to work fine but it's a full fledged program, plus it doesn't have some readings that hwmonitor has.
  4. lol. maybe. I thought it could be VRM temps be cause at that time I was running 4.9Ghz 1.4V plus the load on the GPU.. My mobo isn't an expensive one. 4+1 Power I do believe and that kind of OC with the GPU being at near 100%... but idk... maybe you're right. Does the VRMs usually have a temp reading?
  5. Does anyone know what TMPIN1 is referring to in HWMonitor? 113C worries me. IDK if it's a false reading or not... Speedfan shows a temp like it as well and they call it "Temp2" I checked in AIDA64 and there's no such temp that high. As you can tell HWMonitor don't properly read my voltages.. neither does speedfan, but AIDA64 does. I'm thinking AIDA64 is the correct program but I have to make sure. I need help from the OCC community.
  6. I do apologise about this but I'm concerned that my 212+ will be too close of a competitor to any of these coolers to merit their $50 price.... It will cost ~$40 more for a Silver Arrow which is a guaranteed improvement with silence. With my new case on it's way I shouldn't have any issues with installing.. I can't afford it NOW but in about a week I should. Thanks for all the help. I guess it seems if you have the 212+ with dual high cfm, high quality fans the only real improvement will be something in the $70+ bracket. The Havik-140 is $70.15 tax/S&H included. That would be my first choice to replace the 212+. If I had access to the Macho though I would probably get it since it's great and quiet and can get even better with dual fans.
  7. I have no idea what you're talking about... My vcore is set to 1.255 in the bios. At idle I get 1.254v in cpuz. When running linx/prime95 the voltage drops to ~1.236. What you see in the pime95 screenie is the voltage moving back to 1.254 FROM 1.236. In the linx screenie it shows the voltage at no load RIGHT after I stoppe dit and the voltage stabilized again.. Eveything in the BIOS for throttling/pstates/power saving is OFF. Unless the BIOS is doing it something I know nothing of these screenies are exactly what they look like. 4.5Ghz @ 1.255V 30min prime, 5 passes MAX linx. I know it's not 3hrs of prime stable but you also said "not possible" 30min of prime is "perfectly possible" unless I have the best 2500k in the world.. soooo sceptical you are.. I have nothing to hide.. and I get no enjoyment from faking it..
  8. There's a $7 increase if I were to choose to get the Kuhler. Yes. I agree and will look for dual fan Kuhler 620s. Great conversation.
  9. First image. Blend Crap... I just realized I'm hijacking the thread.. Or am I?
  10. It's possible then but I was thinking about normal circumstances. With ambient temps at normal living conditions 18-22C. It's not possible. I'm stressing blend prime now at 4.5Ghz 1.255. I'll do linx after. Don't worry.. You'll get screenies (if i'm successful, that is)
  11. You never know.. Especially with the MOST popular sites. The ones that get the most hits.. This is where people go to make their choices... but that's off topic.. I understand that there are alot of factors. I just can't remember it being this bad.. When I bought the 212+ over a year ago I never had a doubt in my mind. Reviews spoke for themselves. This calibre cooler for 29.99... couldn't be beat. Now, it's not so easy.. well.. maybe it is.. LOL ...................macho........................... lol There's a $7 increase for the Kuhler. Still within budget. I believe it may be more db less than that if i'm not mistaken. Plus the opportunity to increase performance even more by adding another fan.
  12. 50C max? Now THAT'S not possible.... (on a 212+ that is)
  13. The OCC community was always the best. It was like it back when I first joined in 2003 and still is to this day. There's always someone to help and answer your questions. Have fun OCing, I remember first when I started OCing it was soo exciting and also terrifying.
  14. Yes. It seems like all of the coolers are very similar in performance. I'm looking for the one that generates less noise. As I said, if the A70 can get those temps at 51db then and my current 212+ is only 5-7C worse at 38db then it may not be a matter of HS performance but just fan cfm. I don't want to buy a $40 cooler and find out I simply bought better fans.. If the 620 has the same performance but with a db level of 34 then I know I'm getting a better cooler not just higher cfm fans. I'm not determined to get the Kuhler, I just don't see a better alternative. The Macho and TS 140 are great, both are a bit better than the 620 and A70 and both are quieter AND both can have dual fan configs to increase performance even further. It's just too bad I don't have access to such things.. But I have to get past that I wish reviews were more consistent, I can't be sure of the the conclusions I wrote above because of it and I can't seem to find a cooler that is. There are variables in each review that makes them show highly inconsistent results either that or some reviewers are falsifying their numbers. I guess I'm asking too much of the internet.. lol. I had hoped some people would also post what temps they're getting with their 2500K and their cooler. But haven't got any. So my choices are the Kuhler 620 or the A70. I'm leaning towards the Kuhler because of the reasons stated above. Other suggestions are welcome. Are the old school Zalmans any good? CNPS9500? etc?
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