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  1. Damn that alot of voltage for your venice 3200+ at 2,6ghz =/, mine is running 2,6ghz at 1,425 V
  2. Sheesh what is it with people and venice 3000+ lol! I would be darn amazed to get a cpu for 140 bucks, which actually dominates a 3800+ which costs the double amount of money, and HELL! Its on a box cooler! OMG lol thats just ridicilous
  3. Hmm are those omega drivers really safe? Or do they come with abit risk of damaging your gfx?
  4. Well i only use it to monitor the cpu temperature which it does work for actually. Im not touching any of the other settings at all. I have tried downloading mbm5, but i have absolutely no clue on how to make it work, there was tons of options for this and that blabla. I need abit more simple program to measure temps, like nvidia ntune 2.0, anyway im running 2.6 ghz now, and it has reached 45c at 1.450v in a full power consumption etc. prime95 torture test, is 45c even safe?? And can i somehow measure if 1.450v is enough for the 2.6 ghz? I want to run a 16-24 hours prime torture test, to measure if its all rock solid now, but i aint gonna stand here and watch the primetest running all 24 hours =/
  5. Guys im currently trying to find out what my max cpu speed is, ive got a 133mhz ram divider on, and HTT x3 only. Im using nvidia ntune 2.0 to monitor my system and cpu temperatures. Nvidia ntune shows three metres, one for memory bus(currently 307) one for Pci-express :S (currently 2500) and one for HTT ( currently 693) im running at fsb 230. On the metres for those three things, there is a green line, yellow line and red line, now my question is, does the red lines show the limit of stability or something? I really got no idea what those lines present.
  6. Oh i can promise you those 400 mhz will make a difference, but then again, you would have a great lack of ram, if you only have a 512 mb stick. This raises the interesting question, do you have to change to single channel rams to get a superior improved cpu overclock?
  7. Imo its not worth overclocking your X800XL, i did a 450/1100 with mine, and well...it did give me 250 more points in 3dmark05 lol, besides that it didnt really improve my framerates in bf2 etc. with more than 3-5 fps so imo just leave the beauty as it is for now.
  8. Alright, its very pleasent to hear im not the only one Ill look get into the memory timings stuff and try it out
  9. Thanks alot for the reply Willy. I really havent gotten into the timings stuff yet, it seems very confusing to my mind , but i thougt you only needed to do loosen the timings when you wanted it to run above 200? The thing is...they are just so unlogically working to me =/, they will run 200mhz along with 200fsb, but when it comes to running 180-195mhz with higher fsb than 200, windows simply wont boot up completely. Ill try to find those threads you reffered to.
  10. Aha, so they can run at 200mhz with the cpu at 200fsb, but they cant run 180mhz at 215fsb for example? Thats very unlogical to me....
  11. I simply want someone to guide me throug the overclocking process from the beginning. It makes the whole thing alot easier, please someone take this assignment :nod:
  12. Hey guys Few days ago i got the system overclocked to 240fsb x10. HTT x4 and ram divider at 150mhz. I dont know why my ram wouldnt go with 166mhz divider with the 240fsb, which would give me a 200mhz speed, which is actually the stock speed, anyway i ran prime95 torture test for 13 hours, and it found no errors/warnings, with highest temperature at 41c on the cpu. So i went for playing some star wars knights of the old republic, and after just about 17 hours of playing, i got a blue screen with some text about system being unstable and might damage my software files, so the comp restarted. I went directly to bios, and putted the comp on 220fsb x10. HTT x4 ram divider to 166 mhz( rougly beneath stock speed) from here it goes to the point whereas it usally boots with the Cd-rom device, but it simply just wont, it just stays right there.
  13. Isnt there some *specific * hardware temperature sensor/monitor for my DFI nf4-dagf motherboard? Ive heard Asus often delivers a program to check temperatures with.
  14. You lower the multiplier, and raise the fsb Or what? :S...i think you can do it that way...im very new to overclocking so just wait for someone else to respond too =)
  15. Come on is this the only reply im going to get, on the forums dedicated to the motherboard im using? ....veery dissapointed..
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