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  1. 3 & 4 the ones by the CPU. I have followed this thread from the beginning...not that I couldn't have missed something but the NEO2 had the same issues. I might just have a stinker here but I will try a few more tricks with the bios before I give up.
  2. Thanks Old Guy and Rebelshaven. Rebel my sig was off, should be right now. But my troubles were doing anything aside from setting defaults. I can boot into windows if I don't adjust anything but then trying to go back and adjust any setting got me that wink wink on the drive lights and no boot. I'll screw with it some more tomorrow but I don't really have the patience for this one. I have overclocked everything to come down the pike since the celeron 300 and never had these issues. Not sure it's worth all this!!
  3. No amount of cmos clear time (overnight) or combo of saving fail-safe or optimized defaults will make the 705 bios save any setups and reboot. Tried mutiple flashes and it won't even save the date setting and reboot. Tried initially setting various memory timings and DQ to 50%, nada. Tried Vcore adjusts and Vdimm adjusts always after having saved either fail-safe or optimized defaults, no joy. The only thing 705 will save is the defaults for me!!! Changing any thing else results in never booting again. Just the luck I guess. Wish my running specs were worse on 602. I'm still tempted to keep it and hope for a better release.
  4. Still on the 602 bios. Just tried to get my memory to 1T or use a divider and tighten up the timings. No go despite numerous voltage and timing configs. Voltage divider at 166 would not boot up into windows at all. 1t was not possible at 273 (my current & stable mem speed for 2T) despite voltage up to 3.0 VDIMM or weaken drive strength. Got 10 days left to RMA to Mwave...starting to wonder about a NF4!?
  5. Old Guy you are having too much fun. We need to get you a young gal! If you can remember!!!???
  6. Unless you have a PCI-E video card lying around it would be a bit more than $2 even with selling the old AGP card.. besides, you'd miss out on all this fun. :eek2: Aside from the vcore not being very controlable I'm getting good results. Temp readings are terrible on most NF3 boards. Odds are they will get most of these issues resolved. NF7 sucked in the beginning too and ended up being a great board. Like RGone said, e-mail DFI with your probs. so we get more attention! Don't just classy lady here cause they don't read it.
  7. Sorry, to be clear Insert has restored default speeds on the Nforce boards, not enter the bios screen on boot.
  8. Actually it has been the Insert key for every release of Nforce MoBo since Nforce 2 at least.
  9. Hey Rebelshaven, Do you have a link to where the voltage measurements should be taken? I'm just dying to short something out!!!!... Uh, I mean verify my results. See how consistant they are with yours!
  10. OK. I'm done beta testing these bioses. The 705 got me so I could not boot or reboot at anything but the defaults and the optimized defaults caused my floppy to stop reading. Holding the insert key got me nothing and I had to resort to a number of CMOS clears with the jumper. Finally got the orig reflashed and here I stay until they come out with a cast iron version. At least my perfomance is nice with this one. Just wish I could throttled down the vcore a smidge. Might be a few more Mhz left to get. Still at 273x10, guess I should change my sig.
  11. Well after giving the 629 bios a moderately good review, I have to recant. On the first boot it had gone to "safe" settings and I had to stop again and reset the FSB. That took so I blew by it without really noticing. Tonite I tried using some alternative Vcore settings and got stuck with the 353 FSB setting and could not get any other FSB to stick except optimized defaults. Tried all kinds of combos but no luck, So I am back on the 602 bios. Yikes! What's taking them so long in getting a better bios out?????!!!!!
  12. Thanks Rebelshaven! Have made great use out of and appreciate your bios listings, including the 629 I just put on!!!!
  13. SHould have posted, my Vcore settings to get that are 1.5 +.4, somehow that ends up at 1.69 as far as Sandra or CPUZ can read!! Hence my comment abou the Vcore math.
  14. Can't type!!!!!! It's really1.69 VCore!LOL Glad someone's awake!
  15. Went to the 629 bios and all seems well. Still need the math fixed for the vcore settings and my cold boot/reboot problems have been more intermittant, mostly boots OK. Had those boot issues on the early NEO2 bioses as well. Up to 273X100 !1.96 vcore or so CPUZ thinks (Vcore wise) and the 629 bios reads the temp a few degrees lower...or my ceramique is settling in! Looks like the NEO2 is going on EBAY!!!
  16. Just wanted to weigh in after skulking around this forum and then finally having the board long enough to get somewhere. So far it's gotten me from 2500Mhz on the NEO2 to 2700 on this guy. May be more to go, but I can't figure out the weird math on the Vcore settings and can't get the fine tweaking I want. I know we are all waiting for the bios. Only thing I'm getting now which is strange is on a cold boot, no video. Drive lights make it look like it's booting and if I punch the reset it all comes up fine.!??? My memory only had to go to 2T at 268 HTT(FSB), otherwise it's fine at 1T. Board looks very promising and I know DFI doesn't want their rep spoiled by not fixing the bios! Just hard waiting like all of you!!!
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