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  1. Ok well good, I am using the 6.86 as well. You need to install the ide ones correct? or raid drivers? Been using the search function but end up confused.
  2. I've been reading about not using the nvidia ide drivers. Which one should I use? Just realised that both my sata drivers are showing as ata/133 on bootup. In device manager can't find my sata drives listed anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Does anybody know the storage size Vista will support? I believe XP is around 2 terabytes.
  4. That is what I should have asked. Is the card I have a good card or should I upgrade. Been kinda out of the loop the past 6 months on keeping up with the graphic card side of things. Not sure 250$ would get me much above what I already have. Thanx for the input.
  5. Was wondering if its worth upgrading this card to a newer one. ATI or NVidia doesn't matter. Would like to get something in the 250$ price range. Any suggestions be greatly appreciated. Oh I do alot of gaming by the way and some video editing.
  6. Ok thanks for the info, I did goto DFI website and under driver downloads for my motherboard their is a download for raid 5. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=US 3rd one down. Is this correct?
  7. Does this motherboard support raid 5? or what would you recomend for raid to protect against data loss.
  8. I have an ati 800xl video card and was wondering if anyone else is running a similar card and what drivers are you using? Currently using the ones that came with card due to hearing to many bad things about the 6.4... Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for everyones help, turns out was bad switch. Tried using the reset button switch where the power button plugs into and it worked.
  10. Finally got it to boot. Had to use the power switch on MB. However now my atx power switch won't power up the system. My power light and hdd lights work and reset button works. Maybe something in bios?
  11. Sorry about that, went back and reread the rules. Thought I had everything filled out. I do try to search b4 I post something.
  12. Ok finally got PSU installed, double checked all connections to make sure everything was plugged in all the way. Went to turn on comp and nothing. No lights on back of PSU however their are 2 on mainboard. The yellow stand by and the one up by the dram. Any ideas?
  13. All my fans have molex connectors so will use those. I just saw 3 other fan connectors on board and wanted to be safe. I did do a search b4 posting was little confused on the chipset fan. I have new one from DFI. Then read they only last about 3 months.
  14. Ok I got the OCZ 520 PSU and am in process of installing it. I pulled battery out and switched jumper over to clear CMOS while I'm at work. Ok here are my questions. 1. My case has 4 120mm fans, 2 can hook upto MB. Is that ok to do? 2. The audio thing that u can install, take it off and go with a pci card or leave it? 3. The chipset fan looks like u have to pull MB to take it off. (Mine died) 4. Any other recommendations while everything is apart? Thanx
  15. SJF


    Well the bios has its own version and theirs the one your talking about that runs when you boot up computer. Would using a CD be ok? Thats the one I use.
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