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  1. hi all, as the topic says in my bios i have VID on 1.5, special on 1.04... thus 1.56 in MBM5 and CPU-Z i get 1.50, or when loaded 1.52... what gives? which do i believe? cheers dave
  2. guys this thread is way off-topic Oscar - dont worry about it - it's called Beta software for a reason!... What I would like to know is I have run up 704-2 on my Ultra-D, at the moment I have VID=1.35, Spec = 104%, Startup=Auto. If i bump them all to auto will that be safe? I won't over-volt until a new 704 is released Also whats the deal with Startup VID??? Cheers Dave
  3. interesting.. obviously 2gb would make a big diff in load times, but i wouldn't have thought much once in the game... yeah have u tried 1t?
  4. im shocked.. obviously 3dmark05 doesn't show the 7800 as a very good card.. sli 6600gt will get you 7000... sli 6800ultra will get you 9500+ but i guess it doesn't matter - so long as in games its better ps i think u may have too much money if you can afford 2 gtx's
  5. hey man, no offense but shouldn't a 7800gtx get like 12000+ in 3dmark? my 6600gt gets 4200
  6. hrmm so is this an advantage over 310? ooh i just had a deijavu moment...
  7. nah.. on mine Auto = 1T... I have to set to disabled (2T) otherwise i get memtest errors... on stock - which is weird coz i run 218,@2.8v,1.5-2-2-6 2T fine
  8. mate what is your CPC set to? Auto/Enabled/Disabled? I had bad BSOD's with it on Enabled/Auto, try Disabled. This will make your memory goto 2T rather than 1T...
  9. guys.. where do we find beta bios's? cheers dave
  10. try changing your CPC to disabled. i have OCZ ram and it cant handle CPC @ 1T..
  11. hey bud.. i had the same problem.. is you ram running at 2T or 1T timing (for CPC)?? set it to disabled (2T) and see if that fixes it
  12. haha i had xp install problems too try turning off CPC - ie make the command timing 2T instead of 1T...
  13. yeah - cool s/pdif should be raw sound ive gone with nforce as its pacakged unlike realtek thanks
  14. UPDATE: ok so i changed CPC to 2T (or disabled) and now i got upto pass #7 in memtest ok... also i just installed XP without any errors... looks good. anyone know why my memory cant handle 2T? OCZ Value VX DDR-400 1Gig paired? Cheers dave
  15. hrmm ok memtest just threw up 2 errors on pass 5 and 12 errors on pass 6... been running for 2:30 hours... the Mobo is detecting the right memory settings ie 2.5-4-4-8 and thats what the ram says on the cover.. what should i do?
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