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  1. Thanks for your response. I was thinking about the soldering idea, but i wasn't sure if that would screw it up. I just needed someone to confirm that it would work or give another suggestion. So thank you for responding. I may post back here on what I decide on trying and whether or not it worked.
  2. I just hooked up my front panel audio and realized my case doesn't have the two wires for the pins marked Aud_R_Return and Aud_L_Return. I hooked it up anyway. The front-panel audio works perfectly now, however, the back audio no longer works. This is obviously because of the return pins. So my question is, is there any way I can hook up the front-panel audio without disabling the back audio? Or should I just diconnect the front audio right now and go on with my life?
  3. Well if you have another video card at your disposal, stick it in, and see if you still get the freezing. If so, it could be your RAM. Everyone seems to have a different solution to this problem.It's always good to be able to troubleshoot with extra parts.
  4. Dude, if you have the money buy the RAM, but it probably isn't your problem. I had the same problem. I changed the voltage setting in my graphics card's bios. I don't know what voltage the 7800 gets, but I brought mine 0.10V from the factory setting and Voila! fixed. Bios editing tool: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1118 flashing utility: http://www.mvktech.net/index.php?op...er&filecatid=42 Remember this worked for me, but changing voltages could be dangerous. Do this at your own risk. It would be smart to change the voltage slowly to find the right voltage to stop the freezing. Maybe in incrrements of 0.03V or so. Good Luck!
  5. All I had to do was supply more voltage to the card's core. I made it 1.4V instead of 1.3V. My thread: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...70&page=2&pp=15 It has links to the bios editing tool and flash utility.
  6. Well, my problem is solved, so this is mainly for SniperKil. I changed the GFX BIOS so that the core gets 1.4V instead of 1.3V. I have included the link to my thread which has links to a flashing tool and a bios editor on the second page. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...70&page=2&pp=15 I know you're having a slightly different problem in that it freezes at the same spots every time while mine froze randomly, but I hope this helps. Good luck!
  7. Well, I'd like to thank everyone for posting their ideas on the site. I fixed the freezing problem. I changed my graphics card bios to allow 1.4V to the core, rather than only 1.3. I now know that just because the mobo BIOS sends 1.5V to the AGP slot doesn't mean the core is gonna get all of it. I'd especially like to thank Wlarusbonzo since he was the one who suggested it. Mine runs fine at 1.4 though, I don't need to turn it up to 1.5 Thanks everyone. :shake:
  8. Mine used to freeze for about 4-5 seconds at a time, go for a second, then freeze for another 4-5. Turning off fast writes is what got me to the point where it freezes less often, but it definately did not stop it.
  9. That batch file is pretty much what I was doing, but it said that it was copied. Problem is, there's no save.rom on that disk. So I guess I'm out of luck. Memtest 9 hours no errors. EDIT: I tried again and it's there. Don't know why, but it worked this time.
  10. Here's something interesting: I tried to flash my GFX bios today, but first I wanted to save the old one. So I did start -> run -> cmd, went to the directory where i put nvflash and typed nvflash -b mybios.rom and it said Error: PCI BIOS not present This program can only be run under dos. So i restarted and used a dos startup disk. That gave me some error. So first of all, its a AGP card, is there some way to tell the program it is AGP? Second, Is it possible that the card is BIOS-less?
  11. Fast write is not the problem. I'm sure everyone here has turned off fast writes. I think it has been mentioned several times throughout the forum.
  12. Ok, I tried my brother's hard drive in my computer again, and now it's stuttering with his. So now i'm back to the point where i have no idea what it is. :drool: I created a batch file that stops all processes which could possibly be causing problems, such as virusScan, Automatic updates, and windows security center. Unfortunately the freezing did not decrease, although the loading times were much faster without virus scan checking every file opened for viruses.
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