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  1. Ahh, good old Wes just loves this board, cant wait for the review. :drool:
  2. This board runs beautifly at stock at least in my different configs.
  3. Yeah, I'm going by MBM , I've never seen it go over 42 in the month or so the fan has been dead, I just took it yesterday and everything is runnin just as cool as with it on.
  4. I just removed my dead chipset fan and haven't replaced it yet. It's still running just as cool as with it working. I dunno must be the good ambient temps I have here, or the fact NF3 is a cooler running setup.
  5. So DFI is loading bios 7/11 on these new boards , Hmmmph.
  6. There is no new bios stop spreading FUD , Please . The only way to get action is to contact DFI TW . It will get you official answers. :dog:
  7. Yeah, I may replace it, but temps have not really changed. I would think passive would be just fine, if it'll fit under the agp .
  8. I like it , however my chipset fan just died. I'll just run it w/o...
  9. It's weird sometimes I'll get bad scores @ 2600mgz compared to 2400 that dont make sence. I think my GT is throlteling back but I'm not sure wtf is happening.
  10. I have these 241 1:1 1T YMMV... :dog: BTW thats not me rating this ram @ newegg
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