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  1. Yep, I use Corsairs atm. Here's a screenie.
  2. Here's my 24/7 setting now: Passes Prime like nobody's business.
  3. Yes, I tried it. That's what I do atm. I pass memtest easily repeatedly @ 1T, but as soon as it passes the Windows and the bars moving across, it BSODs. But I just set it 1T in windows, and it's all good :nod: And Nubius, the reason that too much vcore is bad it's because too much of it will fry the memory controller on the chip. I've seen it happen before quite a bit. So as a general rule, I stay under 1.7v if it's air cooling. You don't want to take unnecessary risks on a $300+ processor that can do 2.6Ghz on stock volts (FX-55 basically).
  4. BTW, just a neat suggestion to all those running 2T. If you're memtest stable but BSOD on windows boot up, just set 2T on the bios, but set 1T in Windows using A64Tweaker. Then there's no problems
  5. It does fit, but it'll be a tight fit, and you should for sure plug the sata cables in first if you want to o/c (the ports near the cpu socket). Otherwise, it should be no big problem. I use a XP-90, and there is plenty of space left around.
  6. Omg RGone, you read my mind. I HATE how holding insert does absolutely jack on this mobo. It worked on pretty much all the good boards, but it refuses to do it on this board. Can you tell the BIOS guys to for the love of god implement this? The NF4 Ultra-D works, why doesn't it work here?
  7. You know, funny thing you said that, cause I JUST tried my main monitor, and voila, it's all good. It's like my 15" LCD just timed out or something, wouldn't even power off. I unplugged it for a bit, then plugged it back in. It all works now. How retarded is that lol. First time an o/c times out a monitor hahaha. Thanks for the advice though, though in the end was my gay 2nd monitor taking a nap or something lol.
  8. Just tried it with a working pci card, nothing as well though.
  9. Yeah, tried lower slot, same result. I'm sure it's not a video issue, something else is messed here....
  10. That is correct, the monitor just stopped getting signal for some odd reason. It sounds like it boots, but nothing shows up, wonder what could be wrong with it....
  11. So then what's up with it, the 1 LED remains on, there's no signal on the monitor, what could it be? hmmm....
  12. Stock bios, not yet. It was in the top, and was working up till that incident happened.
  13. The D-leds get to the last light (vga detected), I even hear the beep, but nothing comes on screen. Here are the specs of my buddy's rig: 3500+ venice XP-90c NF4 LP UT Ultra-D Ballistix 2x512 PC4000 ATI Radeon x850xt pe 1 sata, 2 ide Pioneer DVD-RW Enermax Noisetaker 600W Any idea what's failing? The last thing that happened was that 1.7v vcore was applied, and tried to do 290x9 (2610) LDT @ 3, Mem on 166 divider, then it started doing this. I cleared the CMOS several times and even took the battery out for quite a bit. Any ideas?
  14. Like I said before, the board itself is good, but the BIOS has obvious errors. The hardware is very capable, as 315 htt didn't crap out on me, I reached 2.9Ghz with my sandy. But there are obvious BIOS errors, such as vcore and Trp setting other than 3 always ends up being 1 higher (so if you set it to 2, it goes to 3. Set it to 3, it's 3. Set it to 4, goes to 5. So on) What Abso has done is nothing special, I've already benched at 2.9 Ghz w/ 250 @ 2.5-2-2-10 1T. It likes Ballistix, that's for sure. It hates my BH-5s though atm, 1T isn't very stable. Abso, if you have time, post a screenshot with A64Tweaker open, so everyone can see your full timings.
  15. Once you pass 250HTT, you should set it to 3x. So what's the general outlook on this beta bios, not worth it?
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