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  1. This opinion may go against what you have said but after spending a number of hours at the big box stores viewing 40" and 46" LCD's (for a computer monitor/hdtv via directtv) I came the to the conclusion that I preferred the picture of the Sony W3000 and V3000 series to the Samsung LN*****61F series. The 40" Samsung (~$1400) was cheapest followed by the 40" V3000 (~$1500) and the W3000 (~$1700). It just seemed to my eye that the Sony picture was more vivid. When text appeared on the bottom of the screen it seemed sharper as did the weave in clothing. Are you rating your preference for Samsungs on the NON picture qualities, do Sony's degrade (or Samsungs improve) with time or do we just have a difference of opinion? I came in with a bias towards Samsung but based on this weekend excursion I may be leaning a bit toward Sony now. The Samsung LNT 4071F (~$1900) and Sony KDL-40XBR4 (~$2000) both had nice pictures but as they were ALWAYS kept in a different viewing area from the mid-range sets I found it hard to compare them with each other or their less pricey counterparts .
  2. Thank you Tmod, yes I was referring to that statement and thanks for the reassurance. I searched for two hours and could find no explanation of the differences between 004 and 040. I actually thought it might be a misprint Thanks for the offer but it's not worth your trouble. I can set up an overnight download or grab it next time I'm in town. I just thought you might have individual bin files for the less timid bios flashers out there.
  3. I have noticed that the 9/10 memory divider is no more stable than 1/1 which suggests that my board or bios has some issues with the 9/10 selection. I was hoping to try a newer bios to test. Is this a known problem? Would the stock 04/06/06 bios work on my board the warning that accompanied it made me wonder as my bios chip has a slight different model number than they recommend and the apparent problems some people had with 3/29 left me leery of it. While I understand that the bios cd is handy resource the 50+ mb size makes it a many hour download for my dialup are there any individual versions of the tmodded files that can be downloaded? thanks
  4. I suspect it is nothing more than overlapping assignment of shared memory, _xhp_ would know. It may have been a change in plugin's for rivatuner 16.2 also. These periodic driver upgrades often wreak havoc on my quirky setup;) Sorry for the long break ; I've had lots of work issues and the only thing that gets be back on the hardware forums are upgrades and all the little issues that arise from them
  5. Ok I think I figured it out _xhp_'s plugin wasn't playing nice with this set of drivers for some reason. I'm using the plugin that ports to rivatuner and that seems to work fine. I may tinker with this later and try to figure what is going on.
  6. hmm, I have just upgrade to an Opty 170 and all has gone well. Today I updated my Nforce4 driver to 6.86 at which point MBM started to act up. It refuses to load with my old INI file instead hanging at 50% cpu use and forcing me to end it's process. The default INI will allow MBM to start up but as soon as I try to assign the ITE sensor outputs to a MBM sensor the temp readings go haywire. Any suggestions? update: I rebuilt the whole file starting with a clean ini it worked fine, while updating, each applied change seemed to work. Upon reboot the problem reappeared with MBM refusing to start just hanging ay 50% usage. If I start with minimal INI then switch it to the full INI after MBM is started all readings appear fine and no hang.
  7. ah, ok you are using a 6600 so I have doubts but give it a try.
  8. If you're speaking of me, I answered. Look back thru the thread you use rivatuner 15.7 with _xhp_ plugin
  9. Huge thanks to Stealth for upgrading his MBMlog program to allow for assigning alternate MBM sensors to his history graphs. Now any temp sensors 1 - 32 can be assigned to the 10 graph outputs. Link is on first page.
  10. Not with 81.33 maybe the newest drivers show it. edit: I'm using _xhp_'s rivatuner plug-in (exclusively, I disabled his other plug-in) to import to MBM and using rivatuner 15.7 with the appropriate plug-in's activated in it. The reading are visible from temp sensors 20 thru 32 in MBM. GPU ambient appears in temp sensor 21 in my case.
  11. If you can settle for 3.2 V instead of 3.3V on your memory, then you can use auto CPU and thus get the voltage change, as shown in my sig. You can even get an extra .1 boost out of the mem (up to 3.3V in my case) if you use the correct bios but you would be limted to about 1.64V if you stay to 1.45V *113% or below.
  12. Neither NVtemplogger nor Atitool give me ambient on my 7800gtx. If you want that you'll want to stick with Rivatuner.
  13. I've been experimenting but can't find any option to compensate voltages other than 5V and 12V. Anyone come across a description of other possible commands?
  14. If this is the same issue as found on PCP&C. EMC2 over at Xtreme came up with a work around involving changing around a few jumpers on J17.
  15. Hmm second link didn't work. I thought there was basically 1 inverter to create the 12v line on most of these PSU I guess I misundestood. Good to know.
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