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  1. I'm glad I came across this thread. I was considering upgrading the sandy to a dual core cpu - but it seems like my money would be better spent saving for a DDR 2 rig when the prices come down
  2. Ok guys, it was as you suspected the vid card that broke. Popped in the new 7900GT and all is well- Wow this card rocks :drool:
  3. Man I wish I did, everyone I know isn't man enought to switch to PCIe yet. Yes, it was overclock a little on the core, not mem Well I'm going to pickup a 7900GT on the way home from work, if it isn't it, I'll sell the 6800GT on ebay or something
  4. Hum... well maybe its time to get a 7900GT
  5. The rig is in the sig. I've been running this MB and chip for almost a year now without a hitch, very stable and has never given me any trouble...... until today. I was playing COD and during the middle the monitor went to weird checker board colors. I figured it crashed so I restarted. When I restarted it would not post, just a blank screen. I let it idle for a couple seconds and once it booted to windows the monitor came back to life. So I figured maybe my BIOS got corrupted so I reflashed to 6-23 (same as what I was running). no such luck, but now the monitor was completely dead, however, I have the S-video hooked up and that was working. I thought maybe PCIe slot died so I swapped it to the other PCIe slot, with the same results. I then cleared the CMOS and the battery and let it sit. Started it again and the monitor came back to life and displayed the splash screen. But it was short lived, within about 30 seconds the monitor went back to the checker board colors again. Every time I clear the CMOS/pull the battery the monitor will turn on like normal but then go back to the weird colors after a couple seconds- Almost like it is overheating and freezing???? Oh also now it won't even load windows anymore, unlike it was able to do when this first started. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give as much info as possible. To me everything points to the MB especailly since a CMOS clear will cause the problem to be fixed for a brief bit of time- there's should be any relation between the CMOS and the video card if it was in fact the video card that died? OH and no I don't have another PCIe vid card to test with
  6. Solved Thanks Torch, set as master and bam no more problems
  7. I decided to pony up and get an SATA drive for my primary HDD. So after getting it all installed my sata drive is showing as Disk1 and my IDE drive (primary slave) is showing as disk0 in disk management. If you actually look at the location my Sata is showing as Bus 0,0,0 Now the real problem comes that loading windows (splash screen) takes forever (1min). If I disconnect the IDE drive it boots in 5seconds I tried putting the IDE as a secondary slave,and also the boot priority in the BIOS has the SATA drive first Anyone got any ideas? Solution: Set IDE drive as Master
  8. I'm upgrading to an SATA HDD and I don't want to reinstall my OS. Does anyone know of a free HDD imaging program?
  9. you're going to need more volts I'm running 1.425 + 113%. Any less and Prime fails
  10. Have you tried switching it on with the power buttons on the MB?
  11. Well when overclocking the board is under a lot of stress. When a fan is plugged in, it is pulling voltage from the MB and on top of that it is constantly increasing and decreasing voltage which can ultimately lead to problems down the road But I do have a fan plugged into the header CPU header
  12. Almost, its service pack 1 for XP that fixes this and service pack 3 for 2000.
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