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  1. I had some moments too with the newest bios...nothing usual worked. I ended up sticking only 1 memory module in the board...try 1 module in the yellow slot furthest away from the CPU. Change your memory settings to what they should, save and reboot...
  2. If you know all about overclocking you should know it matters which bios u use therefore for us to be able to give you any helpfull tips we need to know which bios u use.
  3. I changed my fx57 for a fx60 and did not change a single thing. I only upped the Vcore a little.
  4. lol @ "I have a single core but wanted to vote" Core 0 does 3GHz @ 1.35V and Core 1 needs 1.52V.
  5. Explain or... be more specific. What are you looking for?
  6. Any news? 704-2BTA BIOS is indeed a better FX60 overclocker.
  7. So make a backup of your system, install them and if you don't like'm restore your system. /me never liked his meat pre-chewed...
  8. Go get'm! ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/nForce/standalone/6.70/
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