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  1. You guys are great, it was a couple of things combine but in the end you guys were right . Power was my main problem. The vital missing link was that my PSU doesn't have a 4 pin cable but an 8 pin that I thought was for the BTX stuff( it's suppose to be compatible). I then found the adapter that took the 8 pin to the square 4 pin and post beeps were heard. Thanx all and remeber to check ALL your boxes when you buy new stuff (almost threw out that vital adapter)!!!
  2. Per this thread, I'm gonna try placing 1 memory stick in slot 2 and try powering on. Hope it works *crossing fingers*...
  3. This is my situation. Building a brand new box. I have the PSU, motherboard, cpu, video and memory in place. I try and power on the unit. I get no video response nor any audio (post beeps) and 4 red diag lights on mobo. I remove every except the PSU, mobo, and CPU (thinking I'll get no memory beeps). No Audio and still 4 red diag lights. Just for the Heck of it (and cause it was late and I was tired) I removed the CPU and power on just the mobo. No Beeps and same 4 diag lights. When I first started I had the 24 pin cable, a "regular" 4 pin molex (the kind used on HD/cdroms), and the small "floppy" sized on as well. At some point in my many boot attempts I removed all but the 24 pin power. I noticed no differance and no lights changing on diag so I assumed they wer to power onboard items such as sound/sata/etx. Is this a bad board? am I doing something wrong? If it is a bios issue how can I flash it if I can't even boot it? I willing to do just about ANYTHING at this point. I just want to know what anything is. BTW This is my first DFI and first Athon64, but I'm not a novice PC builder. Suggestions?
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