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  1. Well, is is showing your current clocks - since you're in windows it is your 2s clocks. Start any game and start the g15 display and it should show your 3d clocks
  2. Download the monitoring chips data sheets, read them and you should know what to do I don't know of any open source monitoring software for windows, but there are some for linux (google it) that should show you how to access the sensors - see how they work and port the low level routines to windows (this might be pretty harder than I imagine )... For the GPU code do the same, or PM me if you wish the code of my plugin. It won't help you much - it doesn't access the sensors directly, it gets it's data from the nv drivers... Concerning you problems - open the nv display panel, open the temperatures tab - do you see the second temperature - if not it is not my fault, if you see it I need to do some updating
  3. MBM does not nativly support IT8716F, but it supports 8712F (eg. on the ultra-d) - 8716F is pin compatible with 8712F and it is probably even compatible on the register set level so it might be possible to run MBM directly with the ultra-d config files - someone should try it (any disaster that happens is not my fault )
  4. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...6&postcount=397 Read carefully
  5. That would be your memory and core clocks... 70C is pretty much normal under load, even my pour 6600gt can hit 75C without a problem
  6. Not without some alterations (don't think quad sli was even possible when I made the plugin ). If there are anybody here that has quad SLI tell us if you can se all of the temperatures in the NV display properties (if you can the plugin can probably be modified very easy).
  7. Thanks for the offer... But I can't (and wouldn't) accept it (besides, the is no paypal in my country )... I'll get it (maybe I can get it through MSDNAA...)
  8. It doesn't, it is just to big to download (my net connection is to slow and to expensive )
  9. No Vista at the moment - when I get (won't be so soon) I'll look into it...
  10. If I understand you correctly you think if is going off becouse of one of the GPU sensors? I'd like a confirmation, becouse I can probably fix it it it's me causing it
  11. But it has one nice option - GPU fan control for my nv6600gt. Setting fanspeed for 2d mode from 100% to 90% makes a big difference (a lot less noise), but nTune ramps up my cpu fan to 100% (althoughI never touched any related settings)... So my question is - does anyone knows of any other application that would enable me to control the fans on the gpu card, without messing with my other settings?
  12. Well, I am pretty sure you could use wavplay or something like that to drive the signal (audio) through the spdif if your audio system is set to use sfdif. But this is probably not what you want to do (this is simply outputing audio through spdif from matlab). If you're thinking about outputing some generated digital signal through spdif I have no idea how you could do something like that (well, I have one - encode the signal to a wav so when it is outputed through spdif you get the needed signal - this would require some knowledge of spdif specification and would most likely prove to be impossible - sorry )
  13. Try this or some of the other utilities from the seagate web: http://www.seagate.com/support/seatools/B7a.html
  14. Posted NVMBMPlugin v7.22 : http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...9236#post169236
  15. Probably - depends on your surfing habbits... This is the link I was trying to find: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Reducing_memory_...e_%28Firefox%29 Also see the link at the bottom of that page. Also see FasterFox plugin: http://fasterfox.mozdev.org/ Through it you can change some of the memory setting a bit easyer... Also try this "url": about:cache - it will show you your cache use.
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