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  1. The first chip is one of the best X2 3800 steppings AND he took the IHS off..
  2. I think you mean X2 3600 :confused: on AM2 socket That one has a good chance of hitting 3.0
  3. That was the stepping of my first 939 chip, x2 3800 Got it to 2.7 with 1.45 or 1.475v, depending on the day. XP-90 cooled
  4. *bump Great thread, I've been trying to get CrystalCPUID and RMclock to change the voltage in Windows for a while now. Never thought to switch the VID setting to Auto
  5. Try lowering the Max Async latency to 8 or 9ns
  6. Yeah, make sure the heatsink is mounted right. If there is little or no contact between the core and base of heatsink, the processor will heat up really quickly and shut down within three seconds or so
  7. Same here, that's why I'm holding off to try to get something like [email protected] (takes 1.4v now)
  8. Hey everyone, selling my naked Opteron 165 here. I ran it under a Thermalright Ultra-120 air cooler, reaching 2.9GHz at stock voltage. You should also be able to run it with the IHS put back on with AS5 or similar, and just use the pressure of the heatsink to hold the IHS in place. With this method and the stock cooler, I reached 2.65GHz with 1.25v. I have the box, and I'll include the stock heatsink if you want it. IHS is also included of course. The times in the Prime95's are different in the screenshot because I decided to play some CS:S in the middle of testing. The extra heat from the 8800GTX is good to test true stability, but Prime still ran nicely Paypal is fine, and I will ship with USPS Priority Mail. I'll ship internationally but the buyer will have to pay extra shipping charges. PM me with any questions or comments I'm asking for $95 shipped http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=46578 edit: Sorry, sold it!
  9. I lost 25C off of my cores (average of 20 and 30C for each core). Previous was 65/75C under an Ultra-120 at [email protected] (first thing I set, and was pretty unstable. after I saw load temps I didn't bother to check the maximum overclock.) I remounted it twice, then said screw it and took the IHS off - now at 45C on each core and stable at [email protected] I'm thinking stability would have been at around 2.83GHz, 2.9 failed almost immediately too when I tried again.
  10. Mine is naked at runs at 45C at 1.35v. Same LCB9E stepping
  11. How about this defiant - that Asus 939 motherboard will eventually stop being produced, and Newegg will go out of stock - when it does, buy your nephew a nice used Ultra-D or something. Once it comes in and you install with your nephew, RMA the Asus to Newegg. From experience, I know they will give you a refund at or near the purchase price (So I guess $45-50).
  12. Thanks, it's an LCB9E 0704XPMW. I was running at 65/75 for each core in core temp before I took the IHS off, so you might wanna be ready to do that Alright :angel: I have to see what it will do at the 9x multi, because 334x9 brings the RAM to 231 instead of the 21x that it's at now.
  13. New from the Egg - IHS off already because it ran too hot
  14. Hi everyone, I have an Opteron 165 from Newegg that I want to sell (LCB9E 0704TPMW stepping). I bought it as something to play around with, but I already have a naked Opty that's a little better. This one is still very good though, I got it to 2.84GHz with stock 1.35v - This is with a Thermalright Ultra-120 air cooler with a modest low-powered Yate Loon fan. The processor was used for about 2 days, mainly because I was too lazy to put the other one back in - ran at 2844 the whole time and was rock stable. It comes with everything in the normal retail box - unopened heatsink, warranty info, and cpu itself of course. I'm asking $120 shipped for this one. Thank you http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=46578
  15. Far Cry with 16x AA + HDR + all max settings. It's a pain in the butt to get hdr + aa working, but once you do.. well, it still doesn't bring my 8800 to below 60FPS on 1600x1200, but it looks awesome
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