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  1. Are you saying you have run the usb drivers off the dfi disc? I had a USB problem like this with my card reader. I tried letting windows install its own drivers---didn't work.... I installed the usb drivers from the dfi disc. when I rebooted nothing happened. Windows did not find my card reader. I tried over and over ....nothing. I unplugged my machine to install a new fan..when I turned it back on it identifed my card reader. --This worked
  2. I don't have an sli setup but for 7800's i think you need the bridge. If you had 6600's i think you can get away without it. You need to move all 6 jumper blocks to the sli position. Check your manual.
  3. You do have all 4 power connections made to the board right?
  4. You might want to let the case temp heat up and check to see if the fan spins...play f.e.a.r. for 10 minutes and see if that works.....heh
  5. I agree with Smoken Joe....but here's some food for thought anyway.... My fan on fan2 stops sometimes, but I know why it does this. In the bios i had it set to "turn fan completely off" at like 25c but sometimes in the morning the case is below that temp so the fan does not come on for a while until the computer warms up and 25c is the lowest setting.
  6. Um...since nobody has replied yet i'll take a stab at it.... I think I had this happen on a n4f board once..not sure if it was a dfi board. Check the jumper on the dvd...see if it's on CS(cable select). If not put it there. Just something to try...
  7. Mbetea's got it right. Local and remote are ambient and core for vid card. I set mine up exactly the way Mbetea is telling you. I use speedfan for my 6600GT. The sensor (for me) is called LM99. I don't see that in your picture. I am using speedfan version 4.28---the latest If your using an older version dump it and get 4.28
  8. Well...if you are indeed booting into windows...and the hard drive light is running for a while like it should during a normal boot...then I would say your monitor might have crapped out. Borrow a different monitor and try again. If you turned on your computer and the hardrive light was flickering for like 10 seconds and then stopped/ the computer just hung there...i would say it was the video card and i would try and reseat it. I'm pretty sure a computer wont boot past post if the video card was damaged or not seated right. at least in the old days it wouldn't - with these new boards I don't have all the answers....heh BTW just saying its in windows because you press the power button and it shuts off isn't a definate way to tell if your in windows. IMO
  9. Ok...I got the Atech pro 9 working...Anyone else out there with this problem..heres what i did..... Install the USB 2.0 drivers off the DFI disk that came with the mobo. (after you do this, in device manager, under -DFI , in the main list u should see 2 *universal serial bus controllers* entries now, instaed of just 1. The bottom one should have -PCI class USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller an -USB 2.0 Root Hub Device) Totally power off the computer--I mean unplug it and let it sit for 10 min. I did not clear cmos and it worked anyway...although that would have been my next step if this didnt work. Now check "My Computer" and you should see all the removable disks. I hope this helps somebody out there! P.S---- I never really give up...even tho i say say it alot...heh -Peace
  10. i load windows and once and a while the "safley remove hardware" usb icon pops up...it finds the atech and then within 10 seconds it disappears. nothing in disk management or my computer. I give up. heh.
  11. What helped my chipset temp, as dumb as this may sound, is put the same size fan in the rear as in the front...forget about the side fan. I have a 120 exhaust and a 120 intake and shut my side fan off. NB temps went down a few degrees. Even when I ran a 92mm in front...with the side fan on my NB would run hot. If you've already done this at some point...sorry for my stupidity. You sound like your pretty thourough so you probably did. Just thought id share.... Good luck
  12. well just for giggles i tried the top row...no dice... The pins were definatly right the first time...windows did see it until i rebooted like i said before. I think you are right when you said there is another problem. I'm gonna try the usb pins to the right and see if it does anything. thanx for takin the time to help...I'll check back even if i get it to work.hehehe thanx
  13. Hi, I have win xp service pack 2. I just installed the atech today so i havent connected it externally yet. Windows did recognize it right after i hooked it up...it was only after i was told to reboot, and did, that it disappeared from "my computer" so I just assumed it was some kind of windows glitch. In the atech manual it says... the red wire on the plug can go to pin 1 thus using pins 1-5(the top row) OR the red wire on the plug can go to pin 6 thus using pins 6-10(the bottom row) Which way did you have it hooked up internally? ...just out of curiosity...hehe
  14. Hello, I have an atech 9 Pro cardreader. I used the USB headers to connect it. Powered up the computer. Got into windows and windows recognized it. Windows asked me to reboot. I did. Got back into windows and cannot see any removable drives in my computer. Anyone have a similar expirience or ideas on how to get my cardreader going. Thanx- LL
  15. My stock NB fan was making noise after like 6 months..I guess the heat gets to um. I read lots of folks on this site had that problem. FYI for later use..... I installed the evercool vc-re on my ultra-d. It does fit and it was fairly easy to seat by putting one of the pins in one hole first and then pushing the other inward and down. Fit like a glove. No probs ....except... It was too tall for my vid card by about 1mm. Just put your card in the bottom pci-e slot if the cooler is too tall. By doing it this way it increased my airflow to the chipset as well. I got a nice temp drop at idle and load. It's a nice cooler...8$ at jabtech. I've seen alot of peeps here with 7800 cards that do fit over the top of it...but not my 6600GT. Search on this site to find someone with the same card as you and the evercool installed...then youll know if it clears.
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