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  1. On saturday I was dorkin around on the internet before i decided to take a nap. Anyway after I woke up and turned on my machine I was getting 3 LED symptom. This indicates memory, so I swapped modules. Then tried each module in both orange slots by themselves with similar results. Immediately prior to testing memory configurations i tried the clean boot jumper and the clear CMOS jumper.


    The Next thing I did is I pulled out my secondary 6800GT fom pci-e 16x slot2. This time it gave me a 2 LED symptom. WTF??? So I tried both of my 6800GT's in the primary slot and a 6600Gt in the primary slot with the same result.


    Finally I put my 6600GT in the secondary slot and finally I have video. However, every boot is says checksum error deualts loaded. Now if i try to enter the BIOS by hititng del at this point it will get the point of detecting raid and then hangs. I tried getting into the BIOS four or five times to no avail. I have a feeling that the boot issue is due to low Vdimm coming from default CMOS settings, but this still doesn't explain why my mahcine doesn't work when graphics are plugge dinto tht eprimary slot.


    What I find even more odd, is my A8N-SLI came down with similar symptoms at almost the exact same time. It no longer boots with a graphic card in the primary PCI-E slot.


    My BIOS was installed by monarch computer when they tested it with the venice combo I ordered and I cannot recall what version it is off hand, as I am still at work.


    CPU: 3000+ Venice

    Mem: 4200 EL Platinum 512mb (x2)

    PSU: PC Power and Cooling 510w SLI

    OS: XP Pro

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