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  1. I set up my Ultra D last night and had the same 3 LED problem, this was with 2x512MB Mushkin Black lvl II PC 3500 Modules installed. I reseated the CPU, and unplugged all cables and reattached, still wouldnt boot, 3 LEDs lit. I then removed one of the 512MB modules and tried again, no boot. Swapped the stick between the 2 slots closest to the CPU...nadda. Finally got it to boot with the stick in the slot furthest from the CPU and flashed to 623. Gonna try adding sticks tonight when I get home from work.
  2. When I still had this board my temps occasionally spiked to this exact temperature (71C) when using MBM. I'd say its likely an error given the fact that we got the exact same unusually high number.
  3. I heated mine up with a hair dryer, and it practically fell off.
  4. Well, I requested an RMA from Mwave this morning. I'm gonna sell some stuff and try and upgrade to NF4. I only had 2 days left to RMA so I decided to just ditch the board I did have fun playing with this board though, good luck to those that keep it.
  5. Curious if anyone is running Mushkin Redline with a divider and over 200Mhz. My Mushkin Black lvl II BH-5 will run my current settings fine (260x10 w/ 166 Divider for 217Mhz) at 2-2-2-5 2T 2.8v. When I try to run 2GB at these settings I get errors in memtest, so I tried swapping the Mushkin Black for the Redline and I get tons of errors in memtest and windows will not boot. Anyone else have Redline and experiencing these issues?
  6. I finally installed the copper version today, fan on it is a little high pitched, but its definitely better than the stock fan.
  7. Is it possible these numbers have changed with the 6/29 BIOS? Just curious as to whether or not these numbers can be trusted with 629. I have hit the max stable OC I'm willing to go for without being able to properly measure voltage and temps. This pic is with voltage set to 1.550 in BIOS. Now if I can get proper voltage/temp monitoring from the BIOS and the ability to run either my BH-5 or UTT at 1T while using a divider i'll be happy.
  8. I believe the POST screen shows the divider x 2, you should check your actual memory speed with a program in windows, it should appear correctly.
  9. Yep, this happens on mine too, that noise drives me NUTS. Going to see if any of the local stores around here have that iceburq.
  10. Well, I know I said I was done overclocking this board for awhile but I got bored and decided to try the 6/29 BIOS. This BIOS is more stable for me so far, I was able to hit 2600 and have it be prime stable so far at 1.550v (12 hours before I left for work gonna let it run for at least 24 hours). I seperately tried both of my 2x512MB sets (Redline 4000 and Mushkin Black lvl II 3500) and was unable to get them to pass memtest at stock speeds or below at 1T, bummer. Currently running at 2-2-2-5 2T 2.8v @ 217Mhz. Hopefully prime will keep running . Now I just have to decide on a northbridge replacement cooler, dunno whether to get the zalman passive or vantec, but I have to get something soon that stock fan is driving me crazy, its so freakin loud sometimes.
  11. I had an LSI SCSI card running in this board when I first got it and it worked fine. I have since removed it while I'm overclocking (too many restarts and the card takes forever to detect the drives etc.). I had the first item in the boot order set to Hard Drive and in Hard Drive boot order I had add-in card at the top. This was on the original BIOS, I havent tested the card since I flashed to 6/29. Edit: I should add that I had the card in the second from last PCI slot
  12. I realize this reply wasn't directed at me however, how do I force DDR400? I tried manually setting CPC to disabled but my 4x512 still boots at DDR333. There is no option for setting memory to 200Mhz that I can find. Everything is set to auto except for CPC which is set to 2T.
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