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  1. Hm... I'm running my A64 Venice 3200+ @2700MHz with voltage 1.7515 (1.550 * 113%) and the temperature is around 44°C in load and around 35°C when idle. I hope it doesn't frie too soon
  2. I got it up from 470/1185 to 480/1200 (stable, no artefacts)... I got 7970 in 3dmark05, now i get around 8200! That bios vmod is so simple and works like a charm! I think I could even get higher, but the temp already reaches 80°C at load, so I guess the artefacts appear because of high temp, if I OC the card more then 480/1200.
  3. Yes, I see alot of people using BIOS 704-2BTA, so I'm thinking of trying it out myself.
  4. ok... i'll try out BIOS 704-2bta and 623-2. I'll see which one comes out on top Oh.. TinuBa if you have geil one TCCD whay are u using bios -2?
  5. ok... so one of you is sayin that -1 is for bh-5 and the other one that -2 is for bh-5. Still confused... Although I'm leaning more towards mursaat's advice.
  6. Ok... Which is the correct BIOS for memory with BH-5 chips? -3 or -2 version? -3 is for TCCD and BH-5 right? and -2 is just for BH-5? Is this correct?
  7. oh yea... another question bios -3 is for BH-5 chips right? I hope I have the correct BIOS
  8. I was just wondering what's the difference between those 4 slots? I have a pair of Geil Ultra-X PC3200 512MB sticks and I'm not certain which slots should I put them in. I know that with some previous BIOS you couldn't use dual channel in slots 1 and 3... but with newer BIOS I think you can. So with that out of the way, are there any other differences? Which slots are the best for mem with BH-5 chips?
  9. well i have ram voltage set to 3.3V in BIOS... So that means I should turn it up a little?
  10. Hi! First of all I wanna know what is 3.3V+ rail used for? My 3.3V+ rail currenty has only 3.23V (according to MBM5). Is this in a normal range? On the back of my OCZ PowerStream 520W the green light is turned on. Should I add some voltage, to something like 3.3V?
  11. Well, when the CPU is not overclocked (2000MHz) the PWMIC temp is around 52-55°C,... but when i oc it (to 2630MHz) it rises to 64°C (under load that is)... well... i'm gonna get myself a 80mm fan i guess
  12. I was wondering if it's still safe for my computer with the PWMIC temperature of 64°C under load? What is the highest,but still safe, temp. for PWMIC? I read somewhere that 55°C is a normal temperature for PWMIC...
  13. I have water cooling.... this one to be exact -> http://www.cerkovnik.si/kit_aiw_e.htm
  14. Hi! I got my Venice stable at 2700MHz (300x9) with voltage 1.75V. Is it safe to leave it at that voltage? Erm.... the temperature in load is never above 40°C and in idle it's around 30°C.
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