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  1. i just installed Vista RC1 today on my rig. all was going well after a looooong upgrade until i tried to connect to the internet. for some reason nothing will connect, windows says im connected and recognizes the network, but after opening aim, mozilla, and IE all they do is just sit there and time out. any info or links to drivers to resolve this issue would be awesome.
  2. actually i flashed the bios...post a link to the new one? i dont have a floppy drive so post the other one that i can use with that program...thanks
  3. case and board ports all read as usb 1.1, i got two usb ports on the top of my case and a ton on the motherboard...i think there are like 6 lol, and they are all 1.1 because on that list it gives you when it says, " click here to see a list of available usb 2.0 ports" theyre all 1.1
  4. yea its enabled in the bios, and yes im using a usb 2.0 cable
  5. im running on sp2, and still everytime i plug something into my usb ports it gives me the stupid, "HEY THIS DEVICE CAN GO FAST IF YOU GOT USB 2.0 STUFF!!!"
  6. ive had my dfi lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d since early june, and i love it. the only thing is that i cant figure out how to get the usb2.0 drivers to work...ive tried reinstalling the drivers altogether; which means i uninstalled them and reinstalled them again, i updated them TODAY from nvidia...and still, no usb2.0...somebody please help me bc i just got the new video ipod and it wont even copy all my music bc im running on usb 1.1, and i know its the usb because i tested it on my brothers pc which has usb 2.0 and it worked fine so...help please!!
  7. no i didnt install sp2 before installing the chipset drivers
  8. yea so...for some reason my computer doesnt have usb 2.0??? and i went on the cd and clicked ont he usb thing on the menu and there was nothing there...isnt that COOL??? so then i went into my computer and found the usb folder and clicked to install and it did it in like 2 seconds and it didnt change anything...any ideas?
  9. its all on auto...and im sure i have to set it all to something, but what?? im not that bright when it comes to little things like that lol
  10. well...i bought some new ram, got myself a pair of OCZ Gold Series 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200) Dual Channel Kit System Memory...yea cool...only thing is, whenever i start my pc, it loads windows and all that but when it gets to the welcome screen my pc restarts, and im guessing i need all the settings in the dram section...whoopie...any help would be great
  11. well...i have discovered my problem in my own stupidity...turns out the ram i have is not dual channel compatible, i think that might be the problem...DUH ME...im so dumb...case closed im gettin new ram...blah 150 bucks
  12. so yea...idk how many times my computer has crashed today...a quick blue screen and then restart with crazy sounds coming out of the speakers, or just a freeze with weird noises out of the speakers...sigh...anybody know what this could be? still having that ram problem too
  13. well...i put all those settings in and it still does the same stuff...still cant use two sticks, i think i just need new ram...sad but hey theyre gettin old so...memtest ran fine...anymore ideas would be great
  14. what does the cpu multi do? same with the ldt...i dont really feel like having to deal with frying anything in my system...
  15. a question about ram latency, would 2-2-2-8 or 2-3-2-6 be better? theyre both the same kind of ram in size, speed, etc, just different latency
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