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  1. Damn this thing all mess up i had same setting but cpuz showing 1.664, do you know where I can measure the vcore on the board had digital multimeter.
  2. Old guy, what voltage showing in your cpu-z? Saw your spec at oc database you are running at 1.525 + 03 is that over 1.65volt in cpuz.
  3. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dri..._FLAG=A&SITE=US Did you got there for the real audio driver and run setup? also try to reset your cmost set your jumper and pull your battery? what do you mean by 10x your cpu only goes up to 9x.
  4. you need to install the audio driver go to dfi website and download install, what cpu are you runnning?
  5. Thanks AG, but I don't remember installing them since known that could cause all kind problem is there a way to check?
  6. Does any one run into this problem when I go shut down computer it go to restart physically have to turn the switch off for shut down. Is that something in bios, hardware, or os? any info will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Something like this will be very helpful for everybody, that I copy from OCZ support website. DFI NF4, San Diego, Venice, Winchester 90nm and OCZ VX memory (Last edited 7-5-05) 200 enable 2.0 02 06 02 07 16 or 14 03 or 02 03 02 or 01 03 or 02 0648, 2560 or 3120 (0648 has worked on many systems) auto enabled auto 0 level 8 level 2 7.0 auto 256 disable 16 07 disable In Genie Bios 240 (start at 230mhz and work up) auto 16 16 7 (for testing, then adjust for max overclock) 100 disable 1.500v 1.300v (This is about 1.57v, if you need more do not go past 1.45v here, use more the 123% below, there is a reason ) above VID * 123% 1.30v 1.70v 3.3v-3.4v
  8. What we need is the page for your memory setting posted?
  9. Here you go also put down your spec http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...highlight=IHSUs Right now I am using Thermaltake Typhoon with 2 screwing it down.
  10. OK, done took my IHS off my cpu and temp drop down big time idle 30 load 40 also gain a little bit for oc with less voltage and prime stable.
  11. Damn those are nice temp, I am thinking about stripping the IHS off my chip, since this is a pos chip anyway.
  12. I used to have a 3200 venice running with DFI-4 ultra and my idle temp was 32c and load at 54 1.6v , just swapped processor to 3700sd and idle temp is 39c and 62 load at 1.6v. I have thermalright xp-120 with panalfo 120x38 fan. Does that sound right? Is the SD core that much hotter than venice? Do I need to re-do my hard drive. Also I had reseated my heatsink like 3 times paste is Artic silver 5.
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