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  1. I used whatever the Prime95 torture test is at by default, the thing is it can pass Memtest86 at these settings as well, which hits the memory harder than PCMark.
  2. Well, I can run the main test fine, but if I run the memory tests I get a blue screen or frozen pc. It passes MemTest86+ and Prime95 and whatever else I throw at it, it even handles the read portion of the PCMark memory benches, but when it gets to the write parts, it BSODs or freezes. Should I consider my system stable and that this is just some sort of anomaly? TIA.
  3. true, plus for some reason the best stability test ive seen for my pc is the code creatures benchmark, if that runs i know im stable, if it doesnt i know im not. The funny thing is ive prime95'd for 24 hours before but would get blue screens after 2 days on the pc, so then i ran codecreatures and it wouldnt run, it froze. it seems that 256 1:1 works 24+ hours prime95 and passes code creatures where 256 9:10 didnt pass cc so im staying where i am.
  4. Alliteration aside, my question is which would it be better to run at, 256 FSB 1:1 memory divider with 2.5-3-3-8 timings with a CPU multiplier of 10 or 256 FSB 9:10 memory divider with 2-3-2-6 timings with the same CPU multiplier of 10.
  5. Well, I am stable at 256*10 for 2.56ghz which is fine with me, especially since I'm down to 1.54v vCore from 1.62v.
  6. Another thing I'm concerned about is the CPU voltage I'm running, 1.45v * 113% so it is around 1.62v vCore. Is this a problem? Compared to most people I seem to have a low OC for such a high voltage.
  7. I'm beginning to think it might be the memory controller on this chip, I got a really bad overclocking chip and the memory controller sucks. Im gonna try at 255*10, if this doesnt work I may drop back down to 236*11 and try to decrease the latencies on the RAM.
  8. and this time i got 2 and a half hours. damn it all.
  9. Ok, new BIOS, 704-2bta and new Prime95 gave me 8 hours, gonna lower the FSB to 259 and see what I get.
  10. I used the settings on OCZ's forum and I also memtest86ed it and nothing came up for the RAM.
  11. Well, I got new RAM after my board killed 2 sets of VX, I'm now running OCZ PC4200 Platinum and running it at 260*10 for 2600 mhz or about what my CPU could handle with the VX. My problem is that I cannot run Prime95 for more than 5:30 before a fatal error occurs whether I am using the 6-23 BIOS or the new 11-14 or whatever it is BIOS. I even bumped down to 259*10 which is 6 MHZ lower on the CPU than what ran stable on Prime95 forever. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Well, just so I can cover all bases is there anything else anyone else who has experienced this problem?
  13. thats kind of the problem i had as well. very strange.
  14. Well, I now have a bad stick of VX memory, I was just wondering if this could be from the cold boot issue?
  15. Well, i have now got an RMA issued for the RAM but am wondering if the RAM may not be the problem because I have twice now gotten blue screens with just the one stick in. Ill wait to see after I get the new RAM but i have had quite a few problems with my new rig that i never did with my old Abit mobo.
  16. Ok, i thought I had this resolved and I know someone earlier said that these were signs of his VX dying, well it turns out it was the same for me. I have 1 stick that works but if i put the other stick in either by itself or together with the good one the system hangs on the lanparty splashscreen or the red LEDs stick at 3 and a series of beeps emits from the machine. Im gonna try to RMA the RAM and see what happens.
  17. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=NA
  18. Finally a new beta BIOS is out. It says it only adds support for the FX-60 but id like to know what else it does and if it will become official soon.
  19. 1 problem is that TCCD memory does not particularly like the new San Diego or Venice cores.
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