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  1. Remove your video drivers, reboot. Remove your chipset drivers, reboot. Go though found new hardware for all the mobo things it finds, just with the windows drivers, cancelling found new hardware for video. Reboot again. Reinstall chipset drivers, reboot. Install video drivers, reboot. Test 3D. 0 filling wouldn't cause the PC to stutter, but the reason you wanted to run a low-level in the first place might. What was wrong with the drive before? Just paranoid about your porn?
  2. What's the CPU score you're getting for that 105?
  3. Remove any USB camera card readers, all in one printer/scanners, network adapters, and SCSI hosts. Just a shot in the dark.
  4. I can't run the C19 with my OCZ PC4000 for some reason or another. PFN_LIST_CORRUPT bluescreens and constant hardware lockups in windows, errors in memtest. I went over many settings, just can't use the C19 for my rig.
  5. I went back to the 602, no problems. I tried every single RAM setting, knowing quite well how my RAM likes to be configured, and there was nothing that would get it stable on the C19. 602 back in, no problems of any sort, high clocks and not a single bluescreen. C19 was a bad BIOS for me, that is my final answer.
  6. So far since swtiching to the C19, I am constantly getting PFN_LIST_CORRUPT bluescreens and uninstalling or reinstalling any chipset drivers/utilities results in a IRQL_NOT_EQUAL bluescreens.
  7. AbsoLoot


    ^ Coolermaster cases are excellent accross the board. I just swtiched from an Antec Plusview 1000AMG to the Coolermaster Ammo 533 and it's so much cooler and nicer, I love their cases.
  8. I just had like this same question for Nforce3 users, and it was moved to http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57376 where no one has viewed it since. So far, teh C19 is a piece of garbage, but I flashed the same day i rebuilt my whole system, so I am not sure if I am the only one who has stability issues with it. I am gonna go back to the 602 since I never had any problems with it, and never saw anyone else overclock very well on this board.
  9. Ballistix Z503. Good luck finding em, but they will usually do 280-300 with a little voltage, like most Micron -5B
  10. I figured I'd give the new C19 beta BIOS a try, though I've been happier with the 602 than any other BIOS so far. I'm not sure if it's the BIOS or the fact I bought a new case and rebuilt the whole system, but since last Saturday, I've been getting random machine_check_exception stop errors and total system lockups, even random POST failures. I can't get my RAM to go past 245 on the C19 so far, and it was fine at 271 before. Probably gonna switch back to the 602 again, but wondering if anyone has had any positive experience with the C19. Does it the suck? Did I screw it all up somehow? Is there a option that makes it suck by default?
  11. eVGA replaced my 6800Ultra with bundled games and all, no questions asked, not even about the permanent modifications made to the card. EXCELLENT warranty, great service.
  12. A clean easy way is to make 2 big "Xs" so that you've got a 120mm, 8-pointed star, cut like a pizza sort of. Then, cut the little pizza slices back out until they're able to be grinded down the rest of the way. Plexiglass will really do some wierd stuff with a high speed tool, so eitehr use teh doorknob drilling tool thing, or just cut in straight lines then grind teh rest down. That's the way I've done it, both on steel and Plexi, and it always came out looking alright, and anything will work great.
  13. I don't have one, but i can't see any reason it wouldn't fit , it should fit on just bout ANY modern motherboard. Pardonez mes Francais mal.
  14. Carving a pumpkin, knife got stuck in the thick "handle part" of the pumpkin. I was 8 years old and appropriately weak. I couldn't pull the knife out with 1 hand, so I put the second hand on the knife like a 2-handed sword, and I managed to pull the knife out. It came out with ease, but I pulled it through my clenched fist accross 4 fingers and got over 20 stitches that day, nearly severed 1 finger completely, and over 80 more stitches from the 2 corrective surgeries to follow. I have never seen so much blood from 1 person that lived. To this day I have upheld my vow not to cut my fingers off.
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