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  1. Normaly I don`t reply to much, but in this case I support Happy. #1 when you pay huge amounts of money out of your own pocket each month to maintain this site then you can say what you want and do what you want, but until then, I don't really care what you think others might say about DFI-Street. The fact that we have 20,000+ users and more registering every day tells me that the Street is a pretty good place, and those who don't like it are whiners and complainers and troublemakers who can't follow rules. Are you one of them? If so, please exit immediately because this place will be no good for you. #2 Here's some common sense for you: ULI makes the chip not DFI DFI just makes the motherboard ATI sold us the chipset package, and it contained the ULI chip DFI does not manufacture any of the onboard components. We license them from companies like ATI and ULI and use them expecting them to support us when we need it when customers like you complain about a problem. How's that common sense coming? Good hopefully. For whenever there is suppurt needed, it comes from here. As for the Uli problem, it sucks, and it should be fixed. Keep up the good work. Ps. As for the overall performance, this is the first board performing better with 2x 1GB, vs 2x 512MB when using the same timings and speed. :drool:
  2. Hello everyone, As I`m now the proud owner of an EXPERT, I started playing with it. Out of the box, core, mem, etc. placec, but no boot. Infinion based Xtreem pc3200 2-3-3-5 2x 1gb Single stick in slot3, boot fine, set memtable etc. Swap sticks to slot 1 + 3 = Noboot (Yellow) Swap sticks to slot 2 + 4 = Noboot (orange) Tried again with Infineon based Xtreem PC4000 2,5-4-4-8 Single stick slot 3, boot fine, memtable set etc. Ad stick2, regardles slot combination, Noboot. Tried again with Mushkin Redline`s and Infineon CE-6 sticks(No brandname on them) Changed mem, from infineon based 2x 1 gb to Samsung UCCC based Xtreem PC4000 3-4-4-8 Single stick etc. Placed in orange slots, it boots. YAHOO :nod: Placed in Yellow slots, no boot. :confused: Started Tweaking it a little. Runs rockstable 285X10 superpi, memtest, 3Dmark etc. Most important though, it is absolutely game stable. Using an NF4 Ultra-D the max I achieved game stable was 277FSB. NOW FOR THE BIG QUESTION: Is there a compatabilitie issue here, using a Clawhammer, Expert and Infineon based memory? Is the bios so optimized for the SanDiego/ Opteron core`s, or is it something else? Using an NF4 Ultra-D, all memory sticks work fine Infineon based Xtreem 2-3-3-5 runs @200 2-3-2-5 @217 2,5-3-2-6 Infineon based Xtreem 2,5-4-4-8 runs @200 2-3-2-5 @248 2,5,3,3,8 Samsung based Xtreem 3-4-4-8 runs @200 2,5-3-3-8 @233 3-3-3-8 @275 3-4-4-8 @293 3-5-5-10 (spd stock value) Mushkin Blackline pc4000 [email protected] Has anyone had the same troubles, or found a sollution for it?
  3. After 2 weeks of testing, i finally got it running stable. Using my winny [email protected]*9 1:1 2,5-4-4-8 Gskill PC4800FR.(Demo) Can`t get it stable using 1T, but compared to my MSI Neo2, I improved from 275*9 1t- to 303*9 2t. Diff on 1T/2T, . it, corespeed makes up for the loss. Yellow/Orange doesn`t affect much, either way. Using my FX55, it sucks on all fronts icm. the DFI, and it is going back to the Neo2.(Workstation/Main 24/7 rig) The DFI is is the playing rig, and going to stay it for some time, as it realy is a challange. Time to raise the V-LDT, to gain more. Going for the 325/330 1:1, as the mem can do it for sure, on an NF4
  4. Check the stuff from EVA2000, as she is quiet handy with it. Allong with the stuff from Tony, over on BleedinEdge.com
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